Cramping Again At 9 1 2 Weeks

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lilmum - April 23

I had cramping during the first few weeks of this pregnancy (not with first though). It went away by about 6 weeks, but now i'm having it again. It's still rather mild, and comes and goes, just like before, but i figured it was gone. I did have a c-sec with my last baby, could it just be scar tissue stretching? any other mommies having this (don't care if you've had kid or c-sec or not, just anyone in general). Thanks


lilmum - April 23

sorry, i didn't mean to say i don't want to hear if you've had kids or anything like that.. i just mean this question is open to everyone not just those with a previous c-sec.


jessie - April 24

hey...this is a first-time pregnancy for me, but faced similar scenario. i had cramping during the first few weeks...ended after my third week. however, i just had cramping again at the end of last week. i am presently 10 1/2 weeks pregnant. so either it is normal, or we both have a problem. =) good luck!


Emma - April 24

I have had cramping off and on. It did start again around the 10w. I read in a book I have that it is very common around that time because your uterus is expanding. I am now 13w and just got to hear the heartbeat so everything seems good . Don't worry.


lilmum - April 24

thanks ladies.. i do feel better. I looked it up and aparently the 9th week is a big one. Your baby goes from weighing about a gram to four grams in only a week! wow


Christy - April 28

Boy, you aren't kidding about the cramping at 9 weeks. Although, it feels more like achy stretching to me. I think this kid is knocking down walls in there to make room for him/herself. I read that the baby goes from the size of a medium shrimp to a large lime from week 9 to 10, so that would account for the increased cramping. I think we are all "normal" if there is such a thing. :)


Dana - May 9

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am 9 weeks along and the cramping has gotten alot worse (no bleeding) I was wondering if something was seriously wrong although the doctor keeps telling me it is "normal" it is great to hear from others at the same stage having the same problem. Hope is stops soon I am a serious worrier.


Sara - May 17

My story is in tune with the majority here- I had cramping from 4-6 weeks, it went away, and now at my 9th week it is back and worse than ever. Glad to hear it's normal!


Dana - June 20

I had serious cramping at 5-6 weeks and now having cramps with a little pain. I have a tilted uterus and was told some of that is the cause of the pain as well.



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