Cramping And Stomach Bug

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cblack - December 3

So I should be approx 6 1/2 weeks along right now. I have my first OB appt tomorrow afternoon, which is why I am still obsessing about the whole thing. This is my second, DS is 14months old. I dont remember feeling this way when I was pregnant with him, but then again, it could be that I have just forgotten. I have been having some mild cramping just about every single day, some of which seems to be inside my va___al kind of area. Not sure how else to describe it. I also feel cramps on one side of the uterus and then on the opposite side sometime later. Not sure if this is at all normal. To top things off I got a stomach bug that caused me to vomit for two days straight, and basically not eat anything. I think it also happened right before/during the time morning sickness should be kicking in. I am still nauseas, but thinking its pregnancy related and not the stomach bug anymore. I have had a little bit of light brownish yellow colored dishcharge today, almost like what I get a few days before my period starts, and what also shows at the very end of my period (like old blood or something). Just curious if anyone else has experienced things like this and still had a good outcome. I am trying not to worry since the appt is tomorrow, and I know stressing can make a pregnancy worse. I just hope everything is ok. Thanks in advance for any answers! (sorry for the long post)


starlight_94 - December 4

All of that sounds just like me at that time. I was freaking out about nothing. I too dont remember the first pg being so tough. But then again my dh says that I was horriblely sick and slept all the time. I dont remember it! Also this time around I dont have time to rest and relax with my 2 yr old running around. You sound perfectly normal. Let me know how your appt goes. I didnt have my first appt until 10 weeks and it was agony waiting to see if things were ok. But they were! I am now 12 weeks 1 day and go back on the 18th for my next appt. Try not to worry, we forget alot of these things so that we do it again!! If we remembered every detail, no one would have any more kids after one! lol



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