Cramping And Yellow Discahrge

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angelmonkey - July 19

hi all im currently 9weeks 5days pregnant i will be 10weeks monday and have my first scan tuesday, and im due feb 17th from lmp. well my question is sometimes i get quite bad cramping like period pains infact exactly the same as period pains! and i,ve also been getting a yellow discharge i only see it when i wear white pants and it stains them yellow? sorry fir tmi but is this normal? this is my first pregnancy


pfcwife - July 19

hey girl im glad your back ... umm not sure about the other stuff but i am getting cramping also..


angelmonkey - July 19

yeh i heard cramping was normal but sometimes its so painful! i dont know about the discharge though i heard that discharge is normal but dont think its suposed to be yellowish lol, i thought maybe it was thrush so i got some caniston cream but it says consult your doctor before using it so i dont know? and pcwife i will be in first tri from now on oh and im also in probs getting pregnant ttc 2008 as thats where i first started when i came here lol, but i wont be visiting teen pregnancys for a while, how are things?


Tomygirl77 - July 19

Angelmonkey: Glad to see you are back also. When you see your doctor on Tuesday, mention the discharge and the cramping. I still get cramping but my doctor told me everything is fine along as I don't spot or bleed.


pfcwife - July 19

im good i thought you would never come back i was like grr im hre by myself.. but im soo glad your still here.. and ill check out the other place also to see when your on..


Teddyfinch - July 20

i knew she wouldn't leave ;-) those english are too stubborn. anyway, for the cramping, your cervix is probably shutting up tight. i had the cramping all through my first trimester. that can definitely cause cramps. and as for the yellow discharge, you have an increase in what you normally would have and it could be sweat (cuz as you will come to find, pregnant = sweaty lol) so as long as it isn't brown, i'd say you're fine.


angelmonkey - July 20

teddy i said i was leaving the teen forum for a while i never ment the site and i have left the teen site not even been back to read cos i know if i do i,ll end up commenting but thanks for your advice, tomy yes i will be in first tri board, i dont see my actual doctor on tuesday i have to go to the hospital for some random person to scan me i dont know if its different here in england? but i see my midwife sometime next week so i,ll talk to her pcfwife hope your doing good today


pfcwife - July 20

yeh im am thanks... just waiting to see how you are doing with your scan and stuff...


angelmonkey - July 20

good good, i will post once i,ve had my scan! i cant wait for tuesday morning!!


clindholm - July 21

Angel- I wonder if the discharge is yellow b/c of the prenatal vitamins? I know your pee gets pretty colorful from them. The period-like cramping is normal. Good luck and call your midwife if you're concerned.


angelmonkey - July 21

clindholme i wondered that as my pee does seem brighter lol but then i dont dont know how it gets on my pants as im pretty sure im not peeing myself yet lol, but when i had a closer look its not like sticky or anything doesnt really look like discharge its just stained? hmm im sure its ok i,ll tell the midwife anyway! yey i have my scan tomorrow morning!!


countrymom - July 21

Totally normal and as you get further along that lovely discharge will get thinner and leak CONSTANTLY! I had period like pains on and off with my last pregnancy a year ago. They were in the beginning and at the end.


angelmonkey - July 22

i had my scan!! all is good! i am 2 days further along than what i thought! so im 10weeks 3days! my babys is 3 and a half cm! i seen the heart beat and he/she even gave a little wave and stretched! its was so cute my db even shed a little tear when it stretched lol i have another one at 20weeks where i will find out the s_x!


pfcwife - July 22

congradz angel .. i also went to the doctor today but i dont see theobgyn till 10 weeks because it seems that they dont see them till that time.. but im with a womens health clinic till im transferred off this ase medical facility to another one they send you to.. well bad news my asthma kicked into high geartoday and im still not ok but i go see the doctor for it tommorrow and he wants to see me till its under control


clindholm - July 22

Angel I'm so glad it went well- 10 weeks yaay almost done with the 1st Tri!



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