Cramping Anyone

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coffeeisforlovers - February 9

Though the nurse i spoke with assured me that it was normal, i have been cramping since the time of my expected period most days. it is not a sharp pain, but fairly uncomfortable nonetheless. (almost exactly like period cramps.) i am 6-7 weeks along. just wondering if anyone else has had this experience? due to the risk of MC, i am naturally a little paranoid...


Peachtree - February 9

Hi coffee. I've had on and off again 'cramping'...but like you said, it isn't a sharp pain, it's more like a dull, twingy feeling. Is that what you have? Is it near your pelvis? I think that's just the uterus expanding that we're feeling. Some discomfort is to be expected when growing a baby. But any sharp constant pain isn't normal.


Faye84 - February 9

Coffee I had cramping about 2 days before I was to get my period, and I had it up until I got into my second trimester. My back would even be really sore. But mine felt just like i was going to get my period. If you have bleeding w/ it thats when you should call the doc. Im 27 weeks now and now i hardly every cramp.


Faye84 - February 9

ps. I had very sharp stabbing pains in my side. and constant pain just about 24 hours. i had to keep going to the bathroom because i thought it was my period that was coming.


KristinTone - February 9

I had cramping thru to my 2nd Tri It feels like period cramps? I was worried too the doc says it is normal because your uterus is growng. Not much cramping anymore now at 15 weeks.


Faye84 - February 9

I mean if you think about it, everything is stretching and growing, how is it not possible to cramp? just think about that everytime you start to cramp.


ChattyKathy - February 9

Thats why i put off taking a test when I got pregnant the first time. I was SURE that I was going to go use the bathroom and my period was there. Cramping is normal, thats from your uterus stretching. It goes away after a little while but I still get cramping every now and then, like if I wait too long before using the bathroom and my uterus has to shift a bit to accommodate. Its normal, don't be concerned. =)


tk07 - February 10

hi! i am 7.5 weeks and i get cramping usually everyday for a little while. just like real mild period cramps. i get worried too because i have m/c before. but as long as you don't bleed you are good to go!!!


Cathy2 - February 11

I am 8 weeks now and the cramping is just starting to ease up...after about 3 weeks of what felt like menstrual cramp hell! but it's easing up now and I got a healthy U/S so it's all good...



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