Cramping Some Bleeding And Now Low Progesterone

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Morrison1 - February 16

Hello all, My husband and I recently decided to start trying to conceive. I am 36 and he is 29. I have been pregnant once before but it ended in abortion - that was 13 years ago. We got pregnant on the first try and now I am 5 1/2 weeks. Found out on 2/10 that I was pregnant and by 2/12, I started having brown spotting. The spotting got a little worse, but never to where I needed a pad. It only shows up when I wipe and has gone from brown to darkish brown red and back to brown. Always minimal and stops during the night. On Wednesday, I had a couple shart pin-p___k like pains in my lower right abdomen that came every few minutes and lasted a couple hours then stopped. Other than that, I have mostly had just a constant, dull cramping in my lower abdomen, sort of focused on the right side. The bleeding is actually decreasing, but I still have the cramping. I took blood tests yesterday and the doctor said my progesterone is low (7) and that my HCG is normal for this stage. I have follow up tests tomorrow but won't know until Monday if my HCG doubles. It feels like an eternity from now. After reading everything about how low progesterone is the body's way of saying a pregnancy isn't viable, it is hard to keep my head up. I feel defeated and guilty for feeling that way. My doctor prescribed 200 mg progesterone tabs, but I worry that will prolong the inevitable. I am also worred that low progesterone could be an ongoing issue for me. Anyone else have a story like this one?


Tanna - February 17

With my first my prgesterone was so low I had to take suppositories for 3 months. It was by chance that I even found out my levels were too low. We were just starting fertility stuff, and while waiting for results I found out I was pregnant, and they found out my progesterone was dangerously low. You are not prolonging the inevitable. Once my levels came up and stayed up, all was well! As for your levels being a continuous problem, I don't know. But I can tell you that my second and now third pregnancies were/are normal levels. Good luck!


phoenix_rising - February 17

On this message board is a topic that will thoroughly answer your questions. Here is the link:


Morrison1 - February 18

Thanks for the links. I will read up about it. As for this pregnancy, I began to miscarry the same night I wrote this post. I had had cramping all week, but during the night I woke up with intense pain and it lasted through the next day. I have found that most doctors really don't know what comes first. Is the baby threated BECAUSE of low progesterone, or is your progesterone low because the baby is threatened or the fetus didn't develop? So, right now, I am taking it easy and we looking forward to trying again soon. It is certainly sad, but I know that things happen for a reason and when it is right, it will work out. The hardest part is when you run into other pregnant women - our neighbor just told us they are just pa__sing the first trimester. Mostly, I am just afraid of this being a pattern due to my age, but I am hoping for the best. Thanks again for the information.


Morrison1 - February 19

Phoenix - if you happen to check back...nothing in that string really adressed the issue of BOTH cramping and bleeding AND low progesterone. It seems like people either have cramping OR bleeding in the first trimester, but not usually both. Top it off with low prog. and well...not good. I guess that thread really beats the question of whether progesterone works or not to a pulp. My question really has to do with determining what came first, the low progesterone or the threatened baby. I personally don't think supplements would have helped me in this case, but it does leave unanswered questions.



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