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Maria Hernandez - October 10

I keep having cramps and I don't know why I keep calling my nurse and she just tells me to drink more water and that my Uterus is growing is anyone else going throught the sames thing or is it just me


val - October 10

How far along are you? I had cramps from the time af should have been here, til about 9 weeks. I'm 13 wks 2 days now, and have stretching pains that feel completely different than the cramps. The cramps are completely normal, I know many women that have had them and had perfectly healthy babies. We had an u/s at almost 8 weeks and also heard the heartbeat at 13 weeks, so everything is going perfect, so the cramps should be nothing to worry about. If the cramps get really severe and/or are localized to one single spot, or are accompanied by any bleeding, then you should call your dr. as it could signal a problem.


Maria - October 10

Val I am only 8 weeks pregnant so that is just normal probably nothing for me to worry about then.


val - October 10

I would say as long as your dr is saying it's normal, than I wouldn't worry about it. I was worried too, the whole time I was having them. I was so afraid I was going to miscarry. But my dr. said it was normal, and like I said a lot of other women I know had them too. Congrats!! Have you had an u/s yet?


Me! - October 10

I am def going throught the same thing, people tell me the same thing that the baby is settling, I am 7 weeks now but the cramping was what lead me on to being pregnant, so no dear your not the only one


Maria Hernandez - October 11

Thank you all it makes me feel much better and Val yes I did get an Ultrasound yet to find out excactly how many weeks I was. Thank you all for you support.


Ca__sie - October 11

I had cramps in the very beginning (thought for sure af was just around the corner every day) but finally found out I was pregnant. Had stomach aches/cramps for about the first 3 or 4 weeks of pregnancy and then it turned into nausea. I'm 31 weeks now and all is fine. :-)



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