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meena - January 18

Hi, Am new to this forum,just found out I was pregnant a few days back, still have to go to the doctor.Have an appointment on the 25th.Anyways wanted to ask you if any of you have cramps.I have been getting light cramps , like the kind you get during periods. Also its just my 4th week and i feel like my stomach is sticking out..sort of bloated.My clothes are already tight around my stomach and I thought that it starts to stick out after the 3rd month?


KLB - January 18

Hi Meena. Congrats! I am around 5 weeks and cant get into the doctors untill Feb. 3 =[ But ever since a week before I found out I was pg, I have been having the period-like cramps, thats why I didnt even think I was pg this month.. But I called my doctor and she said as long as there is no bleeding, then the cramps are very popular in early pregnancy.. It's just your uterus streching & making room for the baby =]


Cicely-LJ - January 18

I was going to say what KLB's Doctor said, I'm 13 weeks and I felt those cramps and thought something was wrong never suspecting I was pregnant, actually I made an appointment with my physician because of the pain, which was even more severe when I had intercourse so my doctor took a routine pregnancy test and it came back positive I got the results the day before I was going to go for a sonogram to see what may be causing the pain well I went to have the sonogram anyway at 5wks to make sure and there it was my baby. So don't be too alarmed as long as there is no bleeding then it's normal. Call the doc if you feel it's more though. Good Luck!


KLB - January 18

Were your cramps exactly period-like? I keep thinking, wow did I get my period? HaHa but then I'm like nooo I'm pregnant silly.. But it really feels like just before I get my period.. And then I get gas cramps at night... ohh man



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