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Jade - August 22

hi im 5 weeks along and i keep getting these dull cramps (like my period is abt to come) have any of you had that or am i going to have a m/c???


Mindy - August 22

Is this your first? Sometimes you get mild cramps because everything in there is trying to adapt to the pregnancy. I remember mild cramps with my first. I wouldn't worry about it unless you are bleeding. Then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Good Luck and God Bless!!


Jade - August 22

yeah it is my 1st, is it normal to sleep all night and have 3 naps of 2 or 3 hrs each during the day?? i am onlly 5 weeks gone!! has ayn of you ever felt the same??


Valerie - August 22

I am in my 7th week, and I still get dull cramps off and on...sometimes I think mine are caused from gas/constipation too though not just growing cramps. When I was 4 and 5 weeks I was exhausted, I felt like I just couldn't stay awake. I'm still tired, but not near what I was a few weeks ago. Being tired is normal though.


jade - August 22

so how does it feel on the 7th week valerie?? is it very diff from 5 weeks? god im soooo curiour and so happy to be having this baby.....the days pa__s so slowly though.


tt - August 22

how soon can u detect


Holly - August 22

I am 11 weeks 3 days and I still get cramps sometimes. I had them at 5-8 weeks alot and my doc said it was totally normal. And yes, they feel like your about to start. I would not worry if I were you. If your mind still is not at ease just ask your doctor. I actually asked this same question on this forum.


mindy - August 22

Jade- It is very normal to sleep alot although I am lucky I can get one nap in during the day because of my children. You have alot going on with your body making this baby inside you so you need all the rest you can get. Sleep all you can now because once that baby is born you will not have the opportunity to have a decent good night sleep.


keerthi - August 22

I am completing my 6th week on 8/24/05. I also have dull cramping on both the sides on my lower abdomen. I was very scared until I read a lot of posts on this site. Looks like a lot of people are having it. I think min might be due to gas and/or acidity too.


Valerie - August 23

Jade--It doesn't feel much different from the 5th week aside from the increased nausea and bloating and constipation :o( I am really happy about this baby, but I cannot WAIT until I feel like eating again, and can eat something without gagging! My b___bs have gotten bigger though I have noticed, so that's a plus! Congrats Jade!


Tara - August 24

Im 5 weeks and my cramps are like period cramps. It comes and goes through out the day but at night it stays for hours. I do feel sharp ligament pain as well, but Im not concerned with that. Im scared of the period type pain. I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks June 2005, so Im terrified of losing another.


jenni - August 27

i am nearly 7 weeks pregnant and keep having intermittent diarrhoea anyone else had this??


kat - August 27

Im 6 weeks and i am getting the same dull cramps like im going to get my period also getting bad headaches this will be our first baby.


lisa - August 28

yes, I had cramps too. I am now 11 weeks. Good luck


Brook in Tx - August 29

Hey There! We have been trying for a year and nothing. I am about to give up!!! I have tried everything! Well I am almost 5 Days late and i am cramping like i am about to start my period. Mostly in the afternoon and eveing. Does this happen to any one else?? I have not had any other pms syptoms come up like they usually do but i am scared to take a test. I dont want to see a neg. sign.What do yall think? Help please.


Leanna - August 29

I'm 7 weeks-YES to being really tired, and YES to having cramps. I use to sleep non stop, now I'm getting better. They say we'll get better the closer we get to the second tri/ if not in our 2nd tri. so, I'm sleeping it out-Hee! :)


Emily - August 30

It's so good to read about everyone else having this symptom. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 6 weeks. I woke up at 1 am last night with abdominal cramps and back pain, husband snoring...aargh! Went downstairs and the cramps were gone after about 20 minutes. Then a little ice cream and back to sleep... Seems like gas, hunger or thirst keep bringing on these cramps for me...



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