CRAMPS Strech Feeling Right Above Hips

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ME. me - November 3

The CRAMPS (or streching feeling) are right above hip bones, usually on left side but also move to the right. They have been going on for 2 days now and I am only 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Anyone have this and what happened? What was it?


Dani - November 3

I felt the same thing and freaked out !!(I am 5 weeks 5 days today) The doctor said that is perfectly normal, it's due to your uterus stretching. He also said that I should come in if they were very strong cramps with bleeding or they are persistent/do not go away. I'ts probably normal, if you keep getting them I would call and just make sure everything is ok - I don't know if that is normal to have it more on one side or not. Congrats! Hope I helped!


Me, me - November 3

Thanks... I am so affraid of a tube P! Does yours hurt? Mine is mainly annoying. I had my first levels provided yesterday and they are at 94 (this blood was taken on 10/31 - 4 weeks). I get my second count today...


Dani - November 3

It does not really hurt me, it's just annoying. Also I think that right now I am hypersensitive!! LOL! I feel everything!


Me, me - November 3

Me too! What are your levels?


Dani - November 3

I'm not sure. They did not check them, I a__sume they are going to do all that on my November 16th appt. although I really would like to know!


Me, me - November 3

If you call them, they will let you know


Diana - November 3

I have been having cramps too! I am due July 1st. (5 weeks) When you say your level is 94.. are u talking about your HcG level? That sounds a bit low. My HcG levels were taken on Tuesday and were at 959.


To: Diana From: Me - November 4

Yes, HCG Levels. They went from 94 to 200 so the docotor said that was good... I would be due July 3. As long as levels continue to double every 2 days, you are in business. Sometimes they will take off soonner than later said my doctor. I go for blood today and Monday I will obtain the results. The levels need to be at least at 500 when I find out on Monday or they will worry. This might be the time they hit 1000! Once they are in the 1000, the heart beat should be able to be seen!


Stacey - November 5

me too me too me too!! im 5weeks and i have the same feelings!! you are not alone. It is normal!


heather - November 7

hello well i was having the same thing and i asked my doc he said that when your preggo you hips ( right above them) will hurt because of the streaching that you do and not to worry onless you bleed wich i dont ..hope this helps


Me - November 7

Thanks -- Doctor said it was probably stretching. My levels are now 530! Had blood again today... I find out tomorrow that they should be 1310.... then I have blood Wed. and it should be 2620 when I find out on Thursday and then Friday is my ultrascan.



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