Cranky And Only 3 Weeks Pregnant

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Cady - May 22

Hi ladies. I'm only about 3 weeks pregnant and I feel so tired. I'm also extremly irritable. My sleep is thrown off, I wake up at like 3:00am and drift in and out until I have to get up at 5:30am. I used to sleep soundly. Could all of this be caused by hormones this soon? ??? Other possible reasons for my cranky att_tude is the fact that I've cut my coffee drinking in half....but this was going from 2 cups in the am to 1 cup....not really drastic. I thought this would be the happiest time for me and dh as we've been ttc for 9 months, but instead I'm lashing out at him and not feeling like myself. I'm kinda freaking out in general b/c I don't know what to expect from pregnancy this early. Are any of my aboev symptons relatable to early pregnany hormones? I welcome anyone's input. I feel very isolated since dh and I have'nt told anyone yet. It's like it's not real. I go to the doc's June 2nd at least. Thanks in advance for any helpful comments so I stop feeling crazy!


cangirl - May 22

welcome to the joys of pregnancy my dear what you are experiancing is totaly normal


Kirk - May 22

Yep, I agree, totally normal!!! My DH and DD didn't know what was the matter with me at 3wks. I am 5w4d today and that crankiness has seemed to have subsided a bit. But hey, that doesn't mean it won't come back!!! lol Welcome to the club!!!


Lala - May 22

Don't worry too much it sounds normal. I have a question, though. How far along are you? At 3 weeks pregnant, you haven't even missed your period yet. 2 weeks after ovulation, you are called 4 weeks pregnant. I know it's sounds strange, but you have to add 2 weeks to how long you've actually been pregnant. BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE! I am 4 weeks 1 day only. just had my pregnancy confirmed today.


Cady - May 23

Thanks everyone. That makes me feel less insane. : ) Lala, that is weird. I am 19 dpo today so I'm officially 5 days late. I was going by the day I o'ed (May 4th) b/c I was charting temps. So my ovualtion based due date is Jan 25th. But I don't now what the doctor will say. You're saying that I could be almost 5 weeks pregnant??? This Thursday will be 3 weeks from the day I ovulated. WOW. Who knew?


Cady - May 23

Mistake, I'm actually 6 days late. I o'ed on May 4th and the first day of my last af was April 21st. This thing that made me think I was 3 weeks pregnant was my doctor's office. They called the day af was due with blood test results. They said that my HCG levels were 206 which menat I was approx. 2 weeks pregnant. And this was nearly one week ago that I recieved the call. So, I need to add 2 weeks to what she told me? IT IS weird! Please someone confirm this for me. It does make sense thoguht because I've been feelingmore symptns than I thought normal for only 3 weeks based on boooks I've been reading.


Cady - May 23

Congrats Lala!!!!!


Lala - May 24

Thanks for the congrats, and the same to you! Yes, they date the pregnancy by your LMP. So, when you're "2 weeks" pregnant, you're most likely only ovulating. In other words, you get a bonus 2 weeks. I know it's confusing. The gestation is 2 weeks more than the fetal age. Ask your doctor--he probably does it this way with the 2 extra weeks. Yes, you're probably called 7 weeks pregnant today (the 24th).


Lala - May 24

Opps! Of course I meant to say 5 weeks today. (I guess I'm trying to hurry you along LOL). I am 4 weeks 3 days.


Cady - May 24

Thanks again, Lala. How are you feeling? I'm still pretty exhausted, but less irritable.


Lala - May 24

I'm feeling great. What's weird is how awake I am. I can hardly sleep! I'm usually a very sleepy girl. Maybe it's just excited nerves. My usually-healthy apppet_te is gone too. Most times I have to make myself eat. How about you?


Cady - May 24

Well, I'm eating pretty much the same as usuall, but like you sometimes I'm not hugnry at all when I know I should be so I make myself eat. I also go to sleep very early and am more of a morning person, but the last 4 days, I've been extremely fatigued taking naps each day. I've also experienced slight dizziness here and there, but nothing severe. I feel a bit bloated, too. When will you go to your doctor? Do you have an obgyn? I go to my doc's next friday for a general physical and hopefully she's suggest one for me. It's all overwhelming. I haven't even told my folks yet! Or my in laws. We're waiting until we see them in person. It's just so soon. I don't want to jinx it, you know?


emilymalm - May 24

A week before my period was late, I was already tired, but didn't know why. By the time it was late, I already had m/s so you can absolutely have such symptoms that early. My sleep has also been disturbed. For the last few weeks, I've been sleeping from 11-1, up from 1-3 and back down until 7:30. Drives me nuts. I'm 19 weeks, but have been sleeping c___ppy from the start. Wait until the vivid dreams start. My pregnancy didn't feel real until I heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks. It didn't really sink in until I saw my little boy moving on the ultrasound at 19 weeks. I think what you're going through is completely normal. I had no idea what to expect either. One site you might want to check out is Lots of good info over there. Hang in there!


Cady - May 24

Thanks, Emily! That really helps. Yeah, being pregnant definitely hasn't sunk in yet. Like you said, maybe when I see an ultrasound that proves it, I'll believe it! So 19 weeks, huh? And you're having a boy? Congratulations!


Lala - May 24

How is everyone feeling? I am happy because I had my level rechecked (for 2 days later to check for doubling). Today it was 999! Yeah, that sounds good! Probably, those hCG levels will kick in soon, and cause more symptoms. I just still have no apet_te. best to you all!


Cady - May 25

Lala, that's great news!!!!! I'll be going in next Friday. My apet_te comes and goes....mostly goes. But I just eat like usual. I'm still tired!


terrie - May 28

Hi girls. Cady I posted on the site for moms due in Jan. We have the same due date. My last af was April 20. We can be pg buddies :) Im 27, married 2 years, and experienced to m/c in the past year. I'm just trying to get to the 8 week mark and hear the hb. Congrats on all your pregnancies, girls. the only real symptom I have is sore bb which come and go. Today they hurt a lot, but for about 4 days they did not bother me. They are so unreliable. LOL I also feel like some of you do that this isn't real. I only told 2 of my coworkers and my dh only told his best friend. We haven't told our parents out of fear of losing this one, too. Last yr we told all our coworkers, and all of our family only to lose it. I think my mother in law thinks I'm crazy. She was kind of insinuating that I would have a pseudopregnancy b/c I wanted to be pg so bad. She get pg w/ my dh by accident so she simply doesnot understand the yearning to be a mom after losing month after month. Anyway, Imy dh wants me to wait and get an u/s at about 7 weeks--I guess I can wait. I wanted to go at 6, but ok. :)



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