Cravings At 6 Weeks

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Patience - May 11

I'm at 6 wks, 5 days and have been having strong cravings.....i just had to walk out of my way to get a grilled cheese! Anyone else have cravings and if so, what are they?


Gina - May 11

Yes, maybe not the same thing over and over but something that sounds good and looks good. Funny Hey! When are you due? I am due on the 27th of Dec.


Heidi - May 11

I'm in my second trimester now but when I was in my first, I craved tons of stuff! Tuna fish sandwiches on toast was my favorite with a tall gla__s of milk. The cravings quit around my 13th week but I still crave some things but I was a craver even before I was pg. Now you're talking about grilled cheese and I want one! I used to crave nachos with cheese and salsa dip all the time. I gained a lot of weight my first trimester. I ate a lot of fish too. Just couldn't get enough of it.


Patience - May 11

Gina, Im due 12/31!


Jill - May 11

Chips and Salsa are my weakness I am due December 27th


Danielle - June 1

I have really bad cravings for peanuts, and I never liked them before, I ate like 6 payday candybars in one day because i could NOT get enough, odd huh lol


gwen - June 20

Oh my gossssh....I am 6 weeks preggers and cannot stop drinking spicy hot V8 juice. There is nothing else I crave, and even after drinking 2 gla__ses, my mouth waters just thinking about it. Just so high in sodium...I probably shouldn't


HezBux - June 22

I have only been able to eat spaghettie o's for breakfast all week. I have not had them since I was a kid. I find that pretty weird. And now this funny taco salad for dinner..that my mom used to make. I am pretty much craving all of the strange kid foods I ate growing up!


Evy - June 23

I have gotten addicted to making quesadillas in the microwave. I buy the soft tortilla shells and the grated mexican cheese and I am scarfing them down like there is no tomorrow.



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