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Summer - November 20

I am 7 weeks pregnant.. I had my first appointment this past Tuesday.. in it, I got an ultra sound. Well, during the ultra sound, the lady said i had a cyst on one of my ovaries... but she said it was normal?! I didnt really hear what she said, cause as soon as I heard cyst, I freaked out... Why would a cyst be normal?! Can it hurt the baby???


louise - November 21

I am 9 weeks pregnant and i have cysts on both sides. Yes it is normal and no it cant hurt the baby. If it get bigger they drain the fluid at 13 weeks. Nothing to worry about though as alot of people get them and dont know it cause go away around 12 weeks. If not they drain it(babys safe when they do that)


jenn - November 22

I have a cyst on one ovary too. My OB said that it was a good thing; that the cyst was supporting the ovary and helping the production of hormones. Don't worry.


Vicki - November 22

When I had my u/s I had the same thing and they told me that there is a race between both ovaries to release and egg first and when the loser ovary doesn't get their egg released it can grow to become a cyst but disapears and go away so no worries!


Christine - November 22

Sorry to be the one with the not so nice news but I just went through this last month...I am now 5 months pregnant on Friday...I went for my first sonogram due to pain...found out it was a cyst on my ovary(5 weeks and a couple days) cyst was kinda large already (9cm) when I found out...I was sent again for a follow up (yes they can go away but not always), mine did not, I found out it grew bigger(common during pregnancy due to first trimester)...went for another sonogram about 12 weeks it was just under 12cm...whooaaa...had to have surgery asap...which was two days later...I was in favor of going because I was tired of thinking about the stupid thing..and everything went great...the baby is ok...but just to answer those questions that you dont really want answered...there is anytime with surgery and a risk of miscarrying...not a high one though...the surgery was horrible, but it went well...(my first surgery ever)...and yes there is a risk of having a cyst...if it breaks inside the fluids can make both you and the baby very sick...Anyway I'm sorry to give you the other side but I figured its nice to hear from someone that went through one of the worst case scenerios...good luck...and by the way...a lot of times the cyst are found to go away all on their own...



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