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Allyson - December 15

has anyone had cysts on there ovarys while pregnant? i have 2 on my left ovary and now that i am gettin farther along they are hurting me so bad to the point that all i do is cry. they said they can't do anything till after the babys born. and just to take tylenol for the pain but that doesn't help at ALL!! im in soo much pain does anyone know of anything i could do or take to make it less painfull? if so please tell me! thanx so much


patty - December 16

i also suffer from cysts. but i am not pregnant yet. ttc for 10 months. i wonder if they are the culprit of why i am not conceiving. how long were you ttc before you got pregnant. did you have the cycsts before pregnany or did you find out about thenm after. ? cysts are very painful but try to relax if they can not do anything about it., dont worry...time will pa__s and hopefully the cysts will stop growing and start shrinking on their own. good luck


N - December 16

I found out I had a cyst at about 6.5 weeks. By 10.5 weeks it had gone away. I think there is a very high percentage that they will go away. Mine was not overly painful though.


Trish - December 16

Allyson, I am 14 weeks+5 and this week when I went for my u/s, i was told that i have a cyst on my right ovary and it has been hurting me a bit. she said the cyst measured a bit big for my age of pregnancy. but they have decided to do now is to wait till 20 weeks and see if its growing or will shrink. i will be referred to a consultant if it is the case. it is uncomfortable as i am already facing stretching, stomach pains due to expanding and the cycst feels like there is something heavy on the right side. so i can kind of understand your pain. they cant do much anyway in pregnancy.


Allyson - December 18

Trish i feel the same way about something heavy on the side of the cycts i have 2 and they are both 35mm they hurt so bad :-( and to patty i didn't find out i had them till after i was pregnant but i tried for 4 months befor i conceved. i found out i had them at 5weeks 6 days and i am now 11 weeks 3 days and they are starting to hurt way worse then they did in the begining! good luck patty!


Angela W. - December 19

Hi Allyson, I just found out that I'm having twins and that I have four cysts on my right ovary and 3 on my left. The largest one I have is 5mm. My dr does not seem that worried about them, but I wonder if they will start hurting more later on because of the babies growing and pushing on them. I have no idea of what to take for the pain, but I will ask at my next appt. Good Luck!!!


Allyson - December 24

angela congrads twins w0w i dunno what i would do.... lol my cysts are 35 mm my doc gave me darvocets they help alot... tylenol don't help AT ALL!! it sux but i guess i will have to take the pain so i can see my baby!


maryg - January 2

anyone had ovarian cysts that mimic pregnancy? I had a ruptured cyst a few months ago and have since been taking progesterone supplements. Am now 1 week late for AF, but all HPTs negative. I've been having pain in the same ovary and am wondering if it's a cyst causing my pregnancy symptoms (nausea, bloating, sore b___sts, frequent urinataion). Thanks!



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