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flipthea - February 17

Hi Debbie. Flipthea from the forum. Just wondering how u are, haven't seen any posting fr. u.


debbie80 - February 17

Hey Thea! Well I have been sick for the past four days now. My appointment went really well on Thursday. My doctor first did the doppler on me and it did take her a while to hear the heart beat but we found it. Then she gave me a ultrasound and I saw my little one. I was so amazed on how much it has grown..its actually looks like a mini baby there. The poor little one was sleep and the doctor told me to cough to see if we could wake it up so I did and then like a minute later...we saw the baby stretching its arms and legs!! It was so even yawned and gave us a little wave, then it went back to then yesterday I had to go back for them to do the NT test but the little one was so active that they couldnt get the if I want I can go back next week for it but I dont think I am going to...did you have the NT test done? Sorry that it has take me a while to post on here....but so far everything was good and oh yea, the heart rate was at 162...I really hope its a girl! How are things with you going??


flipthea - February 18

Hi Debbie! I'm glad you got to see the baby! Isn't that cool that the baby moved? Plus u got to hear the heartbeat . I remember when i had to go to the ER at 10 weeks and the baby was moving a lot too during the ultrasound. What is the NT test? Is that nuchal translucency? My doc doesn't say anything about getting any test done, except this week I think I'm getting a blood test to check my hemoglobin levels. I'm doing great, getting bigger(and seems like fatter too) everyday. I go back to work tomorrow. I'm thinking about changing to a diff. doctor. I feel like my doc doesn't really understand me and like i mentioned b4 he said to my employer by fax that i can lift 35 lbs. I called and tried to reason w. the doc and he said I have to show proof/doc_ments that I should not. So I printed some articles online and I'm going 2 mail them to him. Also he doesn't stay long, I wait for a long time when i go see him and then he spends only a few mins. I'm not sure. Do u think I should change? Also the other day I was asked to start paying for the labor/delivery cost fee of the doctor! No warning, just a bill. I've never heard of this before. I had 2 job interviews last Fri. and praying I'll get the one closer to my house. I'm trying to be positive about going to work tomorrow though. Hope u feel better!


debbie80 - February 19

Hey- so how is the first day back to work feeling for you? I am back at work today to but really sick. It sucks that I am not able to really take any medicine for this cold but I will get through it. Regarding your doctor, if you do not feel like he is paying enough attention to you or you just dont feel comfortable with him, I would switch. And to okay you to lift 35lbs thats crazy!! I hardly lift my luandry And why would you have to start paying labor/delivery fees so soon? I have not heard of that..I have really good insurence so I dont know what to say on that one... about the NT test, you can only have it done between 11-13.6 weeks I think...dont know for sure. I have to go back on Thursday if I want to get it done..still thinking about it too..I just dont want to have to deal with any false positives and stuff like that...I have done a lot of reading about it and sometimes you can get false who knows. How have you been feeling? I have been feeling okay.. I have been really light headed and today I had m/s! I havent had it for about two weeks now and it just came out of blue...I guess this little one doesnt like well I hope you had a good day at work..keep me posted.


flipthea - February 19

Hi Debbie - so I went 2 work today. It went well. They made me sign some paperwork. My boss decided to not let me lift more than 25 lbs. And also there were other things there that he didn't want me to do. So it went well. I was so tempted to look at the baby today so I took a quick peek thru u/s. The baby wasn't moving so I coughed and he/she waved. I also checked the heartbeat, we have a handheld doppler at work. I'm not really familiar with OB u/s but I saw what could the umbilical cord or placenta behind the baby. It's really almost as big as the baby. I have to ask my other friends who do OB u/s. So u got sick today? I like milk right now but it makes me break out so I try to limit. My face is all broken up again. Do u have any heartburn(yet)? Oh yeah tomorrow, I''ll be out of town, sleeping in a hotel,almost 4 hrs fr. home. It's so emotionally hard on me when I have to work esp. going out of town and sleeping in a hotel. I travel w/ co-workers, like 5 other people. U asked how I'm feeling....well I'm having back pain and leg cramps, and also I think I also have round ligament pain! I woke up the other night crying! I think I will just not have the nuchal wasn't offered to me. I'll just trust God that the baby's fine. Hope u feel better....i think u can take something if you're in the 2nd trimester. Like sudafed or tylenol.


debbie80 - February 19

Well I am glad that your work has come to their senses and relized that you can not always do everything you did before you were prego. So you decided to give yourself a u/s huh..I think that is so cool!! I wish I could do that....I am going back on Thursday for the NT test...its just another way for me to see my little bean and make sure things are okay...regardless of the results. So did you get your new job offer? I know what you mean about traveling with co-workers...I have to do that as shows are from 9am-8pm when I am in NYC..ugh its going to be tough...but thats not until we will see. I have been starting to break out all over my face!! I feel like I am 13 but you know if you put toothpaste on them they will go away a lot me on that one!! I havent been getting any leg cramps yet but I do feel that pulling in my lower we are pretty much right on track with our pregnancy. When do you get to find out the s_x? Are you going to?? We are...cant wait to find out! Well I hope you have a good day traveling and write back when you can. Take care and just remember...your baby is more important than lifting even 25lbs!! I know you already know


flipthea - February 21

Hi Debbie. I'm back fr my 2 day travel. What a bad day i had today. My co-worder, the one that causes problems (always), had a temper tantrum at work, directed at me again, regarding the lifting again. I'm so tired of having to deal w/ these people. I'm decided I'm going to quit, but my hubby kept reminding me i need the insurance right now, I can't take it anymore! These people are the worst people I've ever worked with. I would like to find the baby's s_x--my husband and I are really excited. I'm sure u are too to find out yours. I'm going to ask to have an ultrasound done at 16 weeks w/c is 2 weeks from now....they might be able to get the s_x of the baby then. I had to stay at the a hotel last night and I cried on the phone talking to my husband. I've really had it. I've liftted a lot of heavy stuff yesterday and today too, and that doesn;t make me feel comfortable. Plus I get sick in the van with all these women there putting lotions and perfumes. SMells really bother me right now. BTW I got my belly band. I wanted it in black but I got brown bec. they ran out, only they called yesterday to tell me that got the black now! I think I'm gonna write the resignation letter tonight and try to sleep on it. WHat do u think? The trip today and yesterday was 3.5 hrs one way. It gave me a lot of time to think.


debbie80 - February 22

Flip- wow you and I are kind of in the same boat. I had some issues at work today regarding my territory. I know that I have to have someone cover my territory but I just want to make sure it is mine when I get back. Anyways...before I got prego I applied for a wedding planner job right...well today I get a email saying they would like to meet with me. This is only a part time job on the weekends so it wil not effect my current job least I can get some extra cash on the side ya I am in your place-do you tell them or not? My husband told me not to say anything until I am offered the job and I have things in I guess it doesnt hurt to go and see whats going 2 jobs for me and prego...then I have school startting in April....I hope I can handle this least its during the second trimester when I should start being myself again...tonight I am going for my NT test..I hope that everything is well with my little one...I always get nervous when I have to lay on that table...hopefully the tech can get a good picture this time. I wonder if my little one looks any different from 12 to 13 weeks....I cant believe that I am moving into the second trimester borad this weekend!! It is such a great feeling =) I will write in here when I get home tonight or tomorow morning. Now back to you- I think you should tell your job to stick it and find something else. Obviously they have no respect for you being prego...why would they have you lift..ugh that makes me mad! My sister is really good at writing letters like that...she used to write resumes and stuff for a if you need any help, let me I hope things get better for you...just remember that you, your healthy and your baby should come first before a job...=)


flipthea - February 22

Hi Debbie. I'm glad we can always chat here. I'm 14 wks as of yesterday. I didn't write the letter yet, I figured it would take me a while and I have to really think what to say. TGIF tomorrow, I can't wait for this workweek to be over. I haven't heard about the positions that I applied for, although the same recruiter called me yesterday for another position. I'm trying very hard to be positive right now. ---keep me posted about ur appt for NT. My husband thinks I should wait til I get another job b4 i quit this job. I wish I could afford to stay home and not work. If I could do that, hey I told my husband I'll get pregnant every year. LOL.


debbie80 - February 23

Thea- well my NT test went well last night. It actually took the tech about a good 20 minutes to get the measurements because this little one was so active once I am just always laughing when I see him/her bounce all around on the screen. The tech got some good pictures so I am going to post them on my journal. TGIF today is right! Well for me its not like I am going to have a nice weekend or anything...tomorrow I have an all days sales meeting...and I mean all day!! The models come in and model the new line and then we go out to now I can finally relax and enjoy this pregnancy now...I went into Mimi Maternity last night to buy the belly band...I decided not to buy it yet because I think I go without it for at least another week or are you feeling? I know what you mean about how your hubby wants you told hold off on getting another job, thats what mine said to me to last night but I told him its only part time and its totally up my ally so I am going to for it....I will be tired working two jobs but its extra cash in my pocket and it something that I enjoy doing...being a part of someones wedding day means a lot to me...and a lot of stress as well =) well I hope things start to get better for you at work. Have you started a baby journal at all?


flipthea - February 23

Hi Debbie! How r u? I just got home fr. work I've been waiting for the weekend all week. I am sooooo tired. Of all the days, today the other u/s tech called in sick this morning, then also we had the Clinical Manager come in(unexpectedly) and watch/ audit us! I got so behind with my patients! I'm exhausted. Your job actually sounds like fun to me though. I like what I do, I just don't like traveling and lifting(among other things). I was planning on talking to my boss today to see if he will allow me to just work in the office and find someone to replace me in my job....well I guess he's out of town. I got the bella band online and I got it this week. I wore it going out w. hubby to a Thai restaurant. The band is way too tight. I got the size they told me to get but it's too tight and it felt annoying to have it on my belly! I didn't start a baby journal at all, I'm just so busy...I didn't realize there was such a thing. What do u recommend getting? U mean get a regular journal? Or is there a special journal for babies. THis week I've been having painful jabs, I guess they;re called ligament pains. It is like a stabbing pain on the right side and sometimes on the left lower abdomen. All my clothes are super body feels so much more heavier too. That;s exciting to see the baby again esp. so active. I wish I can see mine all the time, like I said I always want to look in the U/s but I try not to. Have a good weekend.



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