Dec 2005 Due Dates

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dani - April 28

Hi, I just found out my due date! Anybody due December 30, 2005???? Please let me know if anyone is due around that time.... would love to hear how your feeling..


michelle - April 28

I'm due December 30, 2005. How are you?


Dani - April 28

Michelle, It's so nice to hear from someone that is due the same day is me, YEAH!! So you must be around 4 weeks?? I'm 4 weeks 3 days. I just had my second blood test done and I don't go back to the dr until May 27th for my next visit. I'm feeling fine...not too much fatigue or naseua. My b___bs hurt really, really bad and I feel like I can cry over any little thing. How are you feeling?


Jay - April 28

I am due around the last week of December 2005 too. Good luck!


Jay - April 28

Are you guys taking any prenatal vitamins? I took some regular vitamins that are really high on Niacin, Riboflavin etc. I am really worried if it will cause any defects. Any ideas? Like you Dani, I am feeling fine except for the frequent urination


Myra - April 29

I am 5w4d today and am due Dec 26th. I have sore b___bs, frequent urination, and I'm extremely tired all the time. I got a prescription prenatal vitamin from my doctor. When we were just trying I was taking the prenatal vitamins that they sell at the grocery store.


Brandy - April 29

Hey guys, I too am due Dec. 26. Feeling pretty good, just tired and sore BBS (oh, heartburn). No nausea yet. I go to the Dr. 5/11. I am taking the prenatal that I got at Sam's club and have since Jan. How are you all doing?


michelle - April 29

I have my first prenatal appt. June 6. I've been taking Target prenatals. I'm really tired, but I don't know if it's preg. related or just because my youngest hasn't been sleeping so I haven't been either. I've been nauseaus (sp?) off and on all day. I don't remember being so sick with the others. This preg. was a bit of a surprise. But we're getting excited now. Dani, it is nice to know someone due the same time. I think this could be fun!


Dani - April 29

Michelle, Jay, Myra,Brandy, WE all need to stay in contact as we all have the same due date!! Would love to hear your day to day symptoms and what the dr.'s are telling you. I've been taking prescription prenatal vitamins for about month 1/2 now. I know that the prescription prenatal is much stronger than the ones over the counter....atleast that's what my dr. said....they contain a higher amount of folic acid.


Gina - April 29

I am starting to recognize names! I am due Dec. 27th. I have sorer bbs everyday, peeing lots, a bit crabby at times-maybe cuz I teach in an inner city school where the kids are all gangsters! LOL Anyway! Food tastes great and I think morning sickeness is creeping up.


Jo - April 29

Due around Dec 17th.. mom wants me to wait and have a Christmas baby lol. My nausea has stopped... although very emotional, and talk about sleepy. This b___b thing has to stop.. they seem to be growing already :) Excited to be a little further along tho


Jo - April 29

Jay.. take some prenatal vits but don't take any more then 1 mg of folic acid a day. If you don't get the folic acid its a possibility for spina bifida and other birth defects. Most pharmacies have their own brand and they are a bit less expensive... GL


unihce - April 30

I'm due Dec 21. and I just saw my little jellybean that their heart beatting. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. good luck to you!!


Kathy - April 30

I am due Dec 20th with my second.. I pee alot and am very tired all the time. I'm not having morning sickness but have not ever I have to remind my self to eat. (kinda weird) and I'm not sure how long I can hide this from my work between peeing all the time and my growing belly. I know you show sooner with your second. does anyone know how much sooner??


Kc(Casey) - April 30

I'm due dec 2,2005


TCM - April 30

I am due 19th December (by my own calculations) with my first. Anxious and very excited when I am not too tired to feel anything.


Keisha - April 30

I am due Dec. 31, 2005. I am 5 weeks 1 day. I am feeling fine. Sore b___st and little tired but no nausea. Peeing all the time though...



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