December Babies

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Tara M - May 29

Hi everyone my name is TaraM and i am 25yrs old been marries for 2yrs and been with my husband for 11yrs after we got maried and bought a house we thought there now it is time to start a family well did i ever get a surprise the first time we tried i got was so exciting. But then all my plans and dreams were shattered right before my eyes i was 7months preg and found out i had lost my baby due to placenta arubptio i was devasted. so then i had alot of test and so on after everything, so me and my husband decided to wait a little while before trying again it was so hard to get through the denial then anger i knew i was not ready to try again any time soon. so after seeing doctors and get tested we confirmed that there was no known cause and that it was one of those things we could not change. this all took place in aug 2005. so 7months later we atill miss our little angel "brody" but knew it was time to start trying all over again even with the fear we had inside. Well guess what the first try again i got preg i am 2 months preg and i am due Dec 28/2006 we are very xcited but also very scared. But the only thing helping me through this fear is to know that i now have my own angel that i even got to hold watching over his mommy,daddy and brother or sister. It like they say everyone has an angel but not to many people get to hold one...thank you all for reading and god bless you all and your little ones know i would like to hear from all mothers to be out there that are dues in DECEMBER and maybe i can make a buddy to help each other through the next 7months.....thanks


kelley32 - May 30

Hi Tara ... I am very sorry for your loss, you sound like a very strong and wonderful woman and I'd love to be your buddy ... I am due Dec. 19 with my second child ... I had a miscarriage last January at 6 weeks, which was difficult, but I had only known that I was pg for a week, so it wasn't nearly as devastating as the loss of your baby must have been. I wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy with a beautiful baby to hold in your arms in December. XXOO


Tara M - May 30

Thanks alot Kelly , and i wish you the best of luck with you new baby on the way. so where are you from? So how are you feeling anyway with this pregnancy? hope to talk to you soon!


amber508 - May 30

Hi Tara, I'm terribly sorry for your loss.... I am due with my 2nd child Dec 26th (scheduled c-sec) I hope you have a wonderful and healthy pregnancy....


snugglybugglys - May 30

Wow Tara you do sound like a very strong wonderful person, like kelley said. I'm also sorry for your loss...that would be absolutely devastating...but on a brighter note...congrats on getting prego so fast that is awesome! My official due date is December 26th, but I have a scheduled c-section for December 16th. This is my 5th child.


laurak - May 30

Hiya Tara, I am sure little Brody is with you all the way hun x I had a sis that pa__sed at cot death, she would be 13 now! I have been told by so many mediums she is my guardian and i know she is with me. Anyhows you keep strong for your xmas babe. I am due on 29th Dec and he is my first. I am very excited for my first scan and i think i will worry less when i see he is ok and healthy:) Have a wonderful pregnancy, and i wish you all of the very best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tara M - May 30

Thanks alot guys it really means alot when i know i have people to talk to i will keep everyone posted ok oxoxoxoxox to you all and those precious babies


jrcreations - June 1

Goodluck with your babies ladies, and I am sorry about your Brody, Tara, I really hope you the best of luck!



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