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tonilee7 - March 27

So I have had a look and can't find a "December Babies" Thread, although I am very early in December. I figured I may as well start a December Thread as there should be more December bubs soon :-) I am due on the 9th of December but as I have c-sections there is a possibility that bubs may end up being a november bub :-) I have only just had my BFP but it was a very very quick result. Now the long wait ahead.


tonilee7 - March 27

Forgot the vital info, I am 25 and DH is 28. We have got a DS that is 8 and a DD who is nearly that makes this one #3, just looking for other ladies who are expecting around the same time so I dont go out of my mind waiting :-)


QueenBeeMama - April 5

Hi there! I'm also a December Mama-To-Be, I'm due on the 8th. This will be baby #4 for us, keeping my fingers crossed. I'm 33, and DH is 41. We have a 10yo boy, a 5yo boy and a 20 month old baby girl. We've had 2 miscarriages, May'05 & Aug'08. This will be our last child, and I'm looking forward to enjoying every moment of this last pregnancy. I can't wait to start taking belly pics as I grow, and to have a pregnancy photo shoot with my family. That is something I've never done, doc_ment the baby belly & a photo shoot. I also have never been pregnant over Halloween before, and am definitely going to paint my belly this October, LOL!


Winter - April 7

Hi ladies! I can't tell you how excited I am to be posting here. After 4 long years of TTC finally we are pregnant with #1!!! :) I am 34 and my hubby is 33. We went through so much to get here and we are so happy. I have my 6 week appointment and ultrasound tomorrow and I will find out my official due date then, but I have peeked online, and I think it is December 3rd.


tonilee - April 7

Hi Ladies, I was beginning to think this December Thread was going no where, I thought for a minute I was going to be a loner :-(. QueenBeeMama- WOW we are only 1 day a part, I hope this pregnancy goes perfectly for you as it is your last, I am sure it will al be smooth sailing for you. Winter-, a long 4 years, that would have been a long anxious wait for you and you DH. I am so glad you finally have you BFP. How exiting for you both. You are about a week in front of queenbee and I. Keep us updated. I can't believe the 2 first posts other than mine are a first pregnancy and a last pregnancy how exiting this journey will be.


QueenBeeMama - April 8

Tonilee & Winter, I'm glad that we are starting to get some more "Merry Mom's To Be!" I'm dying to tell everyone our happy news, but I'm holding off until after my ultrasound, because I know how much the chance of miscarriage goes down after seeing the heartbeat. I had a quick, informal appointment at my new ob/gyn office yesterday (my previous doctor is no longer taking care of ob patients) where it was paperwork, tour the office, go over my health & previous ob history & we set up an appointment for the ultrasound, April 23! I can't wait. My husband travels a lot for work right now, so I don't know if he'll be there for this first ultrasound. I'm waiting to see where he'll be. Right now he's in Dallas until the 16th. (We live in Southeast PA, about an hour north of Philly.)


ninarobinson - April 8

Hi ladies! I did a due date calculator online and based on my last monthlies I am due on the 10th with what will be my 1st after 2m/cs last year. Funny thing is, I just got married on the 21st of March so could be we conceived on our wedding night! I haven't scheduled an appointment yet with a doctor. Ive been told there is no point to go until you reach 12wks but see here that some of you have already been to the doctor. Should I see a doctor anyway? Any advice is much appreciated!


Christen321 - April 8

Hey Everyone! I am due on December 1st! Found out two weeks ago that we were pregnant for our 2nd after going through fertility treatments. For my son, Gage who is 3 - we had 3 IUIs and ended up pregnant. This time, I got pregnant after only 2 IUI cycles - what a blessing, we are so lucky! Looking forward to keeping in touch with you all! I'll have to have a c-section so odds are, I'll have the baby in November but technically I'm a December baby lady! :)


tonilee - April 8

Congratulations to all the Newbies who have gotten your BFP. I hope you enjoy your time here with us in our December Thread. QueenBeeMama- I know how you feel about wanting to tell everyone, but as we have experienced a m/c before we have decided to wait until atleast after the first scan to make sure things are ok. I see you have got your first u/s on the 23rd....lucky you. I have got my first appt on the 23rd, and I can not wait. Ninarobinson- Most doctors recommend that you make an appointment in between 6-8 weeks so they can refer you for a dating scan and so they can take your bloods. I have my appointment when I will be 7w1d. I couldnt wait until 12 weeks for my first appt, I want to be able to hear the heart beat before then...:-) Christen321- Congratulations, it is so sad that we were made to give birth to children and some women have so much trouble even conceiving, If you dont mind me asking why is it that you will most likely have a c-section?? Good luck :-) Ok so with all that said how is everyone feeling any symptoms yet?? I started with cronic tiredness, then about 3 days ago I started to feel icky but up until yesterday hadn't actually needed to vomit, well that all changed yesterday about, 4 times yesterday I had to race of to the loo :-(. I am starting to get reflux of a night time too. But they say the more symptoms you have the better...I hope it's true :-)


MHT - April 9

I am due Dec 3rd... or at least that is what I calculated. I have no idea what I am doing as this isbe my 1st. My hubby and I are dying tell someone but we are planning to wait until after the first Dr's appointment to make sure things are copacetic. I wish all of you good luck and congrats to everyone!!!


Winter - April 9

Congratulations to all of you! This is so exciting. :) I had my 6 week appointment and it went very well. My Dr. and his nurse were so happy to see me for this since we have been trying for so long. There were smiles all around! We got to see the heartbeat, and at this point our baby is soooo tiny that it is like the whole thing is pulsing. It is amazing to see. My Dr. said everything looked great and I go back on April 21st for my 8 week and he said we should be able to see the heartbeat a lot better then and get a more accurate due date off of the measurements. But, he thinks December 3rd sounds about right. I got a big bag of goodies including a huge book full of info since this is our first, a bunch of prenatal vitamins (yay since they are so expensive to buy) and other info materials.


jessica72 - April 9

Hello ladies. Hope you don't mind me jumping aboard. We found out about two weeks ago that we are expecting our third baby, due Dec. 2nd! It was a huge surprise, as we thought we were done at two and were content with our two girls (ages 2.5 and 11months) But we feel very blessed and I say Bring it!!!! ;) The nausea, I could leave, however. :p


can3la_s0y - April 10

I'm due Dec. 14, 2010 although the first date I was told was the 11th, it's great to me that it's in that timeframe because the 14th is my birthday, so that would be so amazing to me for my baby/ies to celebrate with me!


alirenee86 - April 11

Hi Ladies!! Congratulations to you exciting time for those who are having your first...second, third, etc. For my hubby and I, we just found out we're pregnant with our third- and in 3 years. We have a 2.5 and 18 month old, two boys 11 months apart!! CRAZINESS...we knew we had one more in us, I had my IUD removed on February 20th and according to my last period, I should be due about Dec 5th. My appt is on Tues for an u/s. I love my boys to pieces and they never stop moving, so for them to have a younger sister might be a nice change. Boy or girl, we're excited and we'll be done before I'm 35 (now 33, hubby is 30). Sorry for the mouthful, just wanted to give some info and say I'm excited to hear from all the Dec moms over the next several months. Is it just me, or does December seem like an eternity away!! (my other two we due in Nov and Oct so I felt like after the summer, I saw an we're heading toward Christmas!!) Anyway, congratualations again everyone and hope everyone feels well.


HelloDolly - April 13

Hello Ladies, I am due Dec. 23-2010. I am trying to get in with a Midwife, so no doc. appt. yet. This is my fourth, and my DH second. I am 41 and he is 40! We are so happy!! Our baby was conceived on our Domincan Tropical Vacation!!!


Yewanni - April 19

Hi Ladies, I am due on the 27th of Dec with our first(checked online). I'm 30 and DH is 31. I had a series of tummy aches that sent me to the bathroom immediately after every meal, so after the 3rd bathroom visit, i decided to go get tested and it was positive. That was wednesday last week. My period wasnt due till sat-mon(have a cycle of 30-32 days) since then, I have done 4 pregnancy tests.(thats how excited I am) Then this morning, I woke up with nausea and 30mins after I got to work, I threw up in my waste paper basket.(Thank God I lined it with a polythene bag.) I have an appointment with my DR on friday but I just want to know if its too early to be having morning sickness and plus I started seeing a faint line from my belly b___ton to my pelvic bone area on saturday. Is all this normal or is it too soon.


madysenmommy - April 19

I just found out that i'm 6 weeks pregnant. I'm due December 16th. This is me and my husbands 2nd child. We have a little girl who is turning 3 next month. We are very excited but scared at the same time. 2 months ago i had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. This time around i am nauseous all the time, very sore b___sts, moody and extremely tired. I work full time and my husband works nights so 5 nights out of the week i'm at home with our daughter by myself. This past week as been really hard because I feel horrible but still have to take care of her. I'm just ready to get into the second trimester. I have also had some cramping....its usually mild but yesterday it was hurting really bad so i laid down, took big deep breaths and laid on my left side and it did go away. Is this normal?



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