Decreasing HCG Levels And No Miscarriage

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Anna - June 15

I'm 6w6d and had an ultrasound on Monday and saw the heartbeat (110 bpm). I also had blood drawn Monday and today. Monday's level was 3500 and today's was 3100. The nurse pract_tioner said I will miscarry, but I don't feel like anything is wrong with the baby. Has anyone had a decreasing hCG and then gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? I've tried looking it up on the internet but I keep coming across ectopic information, and my pregnancy is definitely not ectopic.


G - June 15

Yes Anna...listen to your instinct. These HCG levels are so ridiculous and just imagine how our mothers did not have to deal with them. It is true that hcg levels should be increasing, but there was not a substantial drop so I would not worry too much. The stress will do more harm to your little one than the hcg levels...just have faith and listen to your gut. God Bless.


j. - June 15

I think that testing HCG levels all the time just adds to confusion and causes anxiety. Granted, It's necessary in some cases but often it doesn't help at all, when you are handed tons of numbers and don't know what to make of them. I cannot tell you what the outcome will be but it's horrible for you to have to sit here and worry so much. Hope you will be okay..when are you going back?


Anna - June 15

Thank you G and J. I have an appointment tomorrow so hopefully I'll know more then. I've been having hCG levels take Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the last two weeks. It's been rising slow but this is the first time it's gone down. I'd really like to know once and for all though. This not knowing is really tough.


Vanessa - Newcastle (uk) - June 16

Hi Anna, I have bought a really good book called "what to expect when expecting" (it is written by doctors) in there it tells you that after approx 7 weeks your hormone level will drop so try not to worry. Good Luck!


j. - June 16

Anna, let us know how things went for you. We are thinking of you!


Anna - June 16

Thanks for your responses everyone. Unfortunately I am going to miscarry. The baby has not grown at all since Monday and there was no heartbeat. I may have a D&C tomorrow, but I won't know until then


H - June 16

Anna, I am so very sorry. This is always a difficult time. Please remember that a miscarriage has nothing to do with anything you did and everything to do with the fact that there was a fundamental developmental/genetic prob. with the baby...I am praying for you....


j. - June 17

Anna..I'm really sorry. It's horrible to go through this. I've been there and it's hard. I'm thinking of you, let us know how you're doing.


Amy - June 17

anna i have been there to you are in my thoughts


Anna - June 17

I went in today and they told me my hCG started going up again so we did another ultrasound. There was a heartbeat but it was only 86 bpm. We saw one yesterday but the nurse pract_tioner said it was mine and not the baby's, so that must really have been the baby's. The baby hasn't grown since Monday and is only measuring 5w5d and I'm 7w1d today, so that's not good. It could still go either way, but more likely that I'll miscarry. I go back Thursday, but that could change to Wednesday. More waiting!


j. - June 17

Oh my gosh Anna, that must be so hard to go through!! First you are told one thing and you try and prepare yourself for the worst..and then there's a glimmer of hope, which is great but must be horribly stressful too. Imagine if you'd had a D&C right away..amazing how docs can be wrong about the heartbeat. Here's hoping with you and wishing you lots of strength.


val - June 17

Anna please keep us updated, best of luck!


Anna - June 26

Unfortunately I had a miscarriage on June 21st. Thanks for all your support.


Cabbie - June 26

Anna, I am so sorry for your loss. I too am going through my third miscarriage in a year. After two uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, it seems I can't carry a baby. This last miscarriage was diagnosed on Friday. After a few days of light spotting and then no spotting, I went in for our first us at 9 weeks. It showed perfect but small sacs and no baby. Apparently the pregnancies had ended a little after the 6 week and the baby was reabsorbed. Because my sacs are in great shape and the sacs are what put of the pregnancy hormone (not the fetus or embryo) I still have all my symptoms (sore b___sts, nausea, fatigue, heart burn, diarrhea, etc.) It was a shock to me because I thought if I had these symptoms everything was okay. I only spotted brown lightly for an hour each of the two days. This is called apparently a blighted ovum and a missed miscarrage. I am having a D&C on Wednesday. Its been really hard still having all these symptoms (they said my pregnancy tests would still come out positive too!) and knowing I'm not pregnant. He wants to do a D&C because he said the way my sacs look so perfect, I could go on for several more weeks before I miscarry. He said it would be mentally and physically cruel to allow that. Please know that others share your pain and have you in their prayers.



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