Deeper Implantation

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orim88 - October 17

my last lmp was 9-14 my clear blue easy PREGNANT test came last friday, well ive been cramping like you normally do in the begining but today not crampy really i had "pink" on the toilet paper now im crying and freaking out , is the baby or does the baby embed deeper round this time i dont want to miscarry , i oposted this on another thread but we dont have insurence yet , im scared to go to the dr , early on MC are non stopable so i doont want to go to the er and see a non beating dark spot im really scared ,please talk to me someone abou this or if this migh tbe normal


Krissy25 - October 17

Try and relax and take it easy. I know that is easier said than done. At this point there is no way to know. This could be a sign of a miscarriage or you might just be experiencing some spotting which can be normal. I had this go both ways, the first time i was pregnant i had some light spotting, that started around 7 weeks, i believe. It stopped for a few days and then came back and kept getting more frequent and heavier, i would say before i had even started spotting i had been experiencing more painful cramping than normal and it increased as i bled more. The end result was that i lost that pregnancy unfortunatley. A few months later i became pregnant again and to my horror i started spotting again. The difference was this time it was around week 4 and it stopped and never came back. I now have a healthy daughter. Both times i called my doctor and they did not have me come in (the first time i was close to my 1st appt. and they asked me to wait) They told me to keep an eye one it and if the bleeding got heavy enough where i was going through more than 1 pad an hour i needed to go to the ER. So your right in that there is probably not much they can do but it's probably a good idea to at least call and let them know what is going on. Hopefully you will have insurance soon. I understand your concern about the cost, but please don't compromise you health. Good luck to you, keep me posted. If you have any other questions i will try to answer the best i can.


orim88 - October 17

it had stopped and then i just went again at it was like burgandy not really alot like blood but like blood mixed with water ya know and its still mild cramps, im a wreck, i laid down ealier and felt better now im really scared as to whats happening i mean im barley like 5 weeks , alot is happing inside there i do not want to lose this baby, actually with my youngest i bled bad at 9 wks went to the er and then to the dr and the dr told me i had a subchorionic bleed the US looked as if i had two separate saks by the time i seen this i was 10 wks and i spotted after that every now and then, but i dunno i know everyone tells me to relax its hard though, when should i go to the dr or to the ER at what point do you suggest i go in


^lucy^ - October 18

orim88-- i hope everything goes alright dear.. try to relax an since laying own helps, try to stay on ur back as this makes u feel better ear and try not to worry about everything.. as long as the cramps are mild and the bleeding isnt strong, i think there's nothing wrong.. at 5 weeks, implantation shoul have occured already but the cramps could be due to ur uterus expanding to fit ur growing baby inside u.. even if the baby is now the size of a tiny dot, it sure is bigger than what we could have in there normally so things should get adjusted :) try to schedule an appt asap once u get ur insurance to help put ur min at ease dear best of luck xxx


Krissy25 - October 19

Hey orim, sorry it took me awhile to respond, how are things going? It's possible you may have developed another subchronic bleed. THe fact that it is a burgandy color would probably suggest that it is old blood, which is a good sign. Unfortunatly i can't make that call for you on when to go to the doctor or the ER. Do you know of like a Planned Parenthood or something similar in your area where they might be able to see you and give you an idea of what is going on?


orim88 - October 19

ya im fine now , i feel good taking it easy, ya i was thinking that about the bleed as well , but ive made up my mind about if anything happens im going to the dr , i just keep my fingers crossed


Krissy25 - October 20

Good, has the bleeding stopped? I'm glad you are taking it easy. What is your plan for your first appointment? Will you be getting health insurance soon? I understand you being scared to be seen without it, those bills can be so expenxive. Good luck to you.


orim88 - October 20

yes it has stopped no more since the last post, im not even crampy, i just hope everything is stll going good, as for my first visit i dont know when ill get to the dr my dr that delivered my DD didnt want to see me till 9-10 weeks, over here i have never heard of such early dr visits and ultrasiounds, BUT with my dd i bought a real doppler so i can check the heartbeat myself too i guess when its time, but all in all hopefully our insurance will start again within a month or 2, fingers crossed


orim88 - October 21

well today it started again, its not bright its the same as the last time ,im not really cramping at all , i dont want to go to the dr and them tell me i dont have a viable PG, from all that i hear on here its too early to even see a heartbeat, and if it doesnt work out id rather not go through all that ya know, im just gunnna take it easy i guess and if i start BLEEDING thwen ill go



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