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CJ - March 16

I am five weeks pregnant. We just ofund out last weekend and it was a complete surprise. I have been on BC, but have had a cysts and think these interfered. At first I was very shocked and then I felt happy and now I am just totally depressed. My husband is so unhappy and ugly acting toward me. No affection and very short - like he thinks its my fault. I am so tired, I come home from work and go to sleep and he says stuff to me like - did you go to the gym today? You know you really need to go, you need to take care of yourself. Then tells me that he doesn't think that I have really thought about this and how our lives are going to change and I better start eating better (I think I eat fine, I make sure that I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables etc) Now, I am so sad, all I do is cry and I hate to even say this, but I just wish that I would have a miscarriage. I just want to be happy about this because there is nothing I can do to change it, but it is so hard with the way he is acting....will this ever get better? Anyone?


J - March 16

Sounds like you and your husband need to sit down and talk. It takes 2 to make a baby and these things happen. Hang in there and maybe he'll come around when he gets used to the idea. Good luck.


CMR - March 16

Ok honey, he shouldnt treat you like that to start with, it took both of you to make the baby like J said, but really you dont need to talk about a miscarriage honey that is killing the baby, give it time maybe he will come around you dont want to kill your child because he your husband doesnt want it that wouldnt be fair to the child, that baby didnt ask to be made its not the childs fault, so dont take its life, after you have the baby and decide you dont want it there is adoption, cause there are ppl out there that would love to have a child that cant make one, think about that before you go and kill your baby, i dont mean to sound mean but, dont take your babies life, that baby deserves to live and if you dont want to raise it let someone who does, dont let no man bring you down that low, be happy for yourself that baby is a blessing honey, and if God didn't think you deserved it he wouldnt have blessed you with it, be a woman and stand up for YOU and your CHILD


Mary - March 16

He tells you to take care of yourself and care about what you eat ... why do you think he does that? Let's see: Does he do it because he can care less about you and the baby? Barely, I think. He is worried, girl! He want to make sure you are eating good for you and the baby ... Acting ugly is what my ex did to me when we got pregnant - He used to say, abort or I am divorcing you. That is ugly ... so please, you may be seeing things with negative eyes yourself - He is scared and worried, but telling you take care of you and your baby is not ugly ... is love - in his own scared way.


CJ - March 16

Ya'll are right and thank you for the advice. I know he cares about us, but could go about in a little nicer tone of voice....not snotty. I just want him to be happy so that I can be happy to. I go to work and all my girlfriends are so excited and it feels great and then I come home to groucho...a real downer when I really want to share it with him. I know I need to give him more time and his space. I think I will talk about it with him tonight. Thanks for the support!



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