Depressed About Weight

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Trying4#3 - April 23

I am about 8 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I already feel like my waistline has thickened up and my pants are already getting tight ans some won't even button. I went shopping for a little while this morning to find a few things for that "in between" period and I left with nothing. I just feel fat and it is very depressing. I know I should be happy and I am but not having anything to wear, especially not feeling like I look good in anything is a real downer. I had just started weight watchers when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to lose about 10 pounds and now that I am pregnant I can't diet so I am stuck with that extra 10 pounds for this pregnancy. I want to start exercising but I am sooooo tired in the afternoons when I get home from work. I need some encouragement!


jessb - April 23

I know exactly how you feel. I was heavier than I have ever been in my life when I found out that I am pregnant with #2. I try to walk at night but I have body numbing EXHAUSTION when I get home from work. Hopefully when we get into the second trimester we will have a little more engery to excercise. All I can really do now is vow to eat very healthy and excercise alot after the baby is born. I have already sworn to my self that I will not stay this heavy. I know you can do it too!! If you only have about 10 extra pounds to lose thats not bad. I have about 40 :o(


llukenjess - April 24

OMG i know EXACTLY wut you mean i am almost 19weeks and i am so un happy about the weight and having no clothes to wear! i wake up in the morning before i go to work and just look at my closet and wish i had something that fit me!


Trying4#3 - April 25

Thanks so much you guys! Its nice to know I'm not alone! I have some friends who are both about 6 months pregnant and they are so small and cute which makes me feel even bigger because I have as much of a belly as they do already! I know we shouldn't compare because everyone is different. I did take some advice from another chat room and ordered a couple belly bands that are supposed to allow you to wear your regular pants unb___toned and the belly band fits over top. The reviews were good so hopefully they will work! I will let you know!



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