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mollyq - April 23

hi i really need someones imput and advice. its a long story but ill try to make it quick. i had a m/c june 05 at 14 weeks, however development of the baby stopped at 8 weeks... we tried for 6 months to get preg that time. after the m/c we tried for another 9 months and i finally got my positive on march 23 which was confirmed by blood work stating that i should be between 3-4 weeks... okay. i should also add that my cycles are terribly irregular!! so on the 23rd i should have been 3-4 weeks. i had my first ultrasound friday the 21st of april, i should have been 7-8 weeks. during the ultrasound the technician wouldnt tell me anything. i could see the screen and i couldnt see a heart beat?? the lady kept talking about a yolk sac to the other tech?? i asked her if there was a heart beat and she ignored me!! she then asked when i was seeing my doctor again... and that was it. i have to wait until another 3-4 days. i am SO SCARED..... help, any one.... i know that there should be a heart beat by then!! i feel so sad..


SuzieQ - April 23

I can't believe they wouldn't tell you anything!!! SOme u/s techs are so horrible. You have irregular periods, so I wouldn't worry too much yet. Do you know when you ovulated? I have long cycles (35 - 40 days) and my u/s was almost a week behind but I told them that I didn't ovulate on day 14 of my cycle, it was on day 20. And a yolk sac is a good thing to see - that's where the baby develops. I hope everything turns out ok - keep us posted. Best wishes :)


Susan W - April 24

They did the same thing to me when I lost my second pregnancy. I sure hope everything turns out OK.


mollyq - April 24

thanks for your support suzieq. i guess a yolk sac would be a good sign but i thought at 7 weeks there should be more?? any way i still dont know anything for sure yet!! i have a good friend that works in the x ray dept, she has been checking the compouter every few hours so as soon as the report is typed by the radiologist i will get the result. very nervous today... i should know in the next couple of days!!! ill keep you posted



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