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Nell143 - May 31

I love him so much but GAWD he gets under my skin! I ask him why he hasn't been responding to my e-mails... he says because we have been having network problems... ok... i have a request of reciept on each e-mail so it tells me that the recievers recieve them. ok.... So I say well I see you are reading my e-mails why can't you respond. He goes thats another thing I dont like when you get on my case about stuff our network was messed up when i tried to respond I would get an error message ok.... If he would explain that to begin with eh wouldn't be mad at me..... he always does that too... he won't fully explain the circ_mstances so then I ask questions to better understand and he gets mad at me.


singlem0m - May 31

They can be so annoying can't they? I was having a terrible nervous breakdown this morning (BAD ms) and I text messaged the father. Did he ever bother to answer me? NO. He will only talk to me when I'm in a good mood. He told me he can't deal with the mood swings. The way I see it, they helped create it THEY CAN DEAL. No matter what they will never understand what we are going through :)


sleeplessinseattle - May 31

Nell143 I understand, I understand! I don't even like the way my boyfriend WALKS right now. When I'm really feeling irritable, he can't even breath without me wishing I could back slap him. I don't know why the irritation from the hormonal changes mainly target the male, but they do. I have a very high temper lately. I mean, I'm not going around yelling and screaming..but inside I am. He hugged me from behind trying to be sweet and I felt like he was violating my personal space. lol I wanted to elbow him in the ribs. lol


jrcreations - June 2

Lol, yeah I mean it's not like we canignore the M/S, why should they have to? Although, if I get really bad, I don't think I would want my dh around, he takes things very personally.He also likes to make jokes, which I don't mind now, but it might make me upset during pregnancy (we're ttc), I just advised him last night not to make those jokes, as I may get upset. But we're both very excited for this, and hope to have a child on the way soon enough. Good-luck with your mates, ladies.


Nell143 - June 2

good luck jrcreations. I am feeling a bit better the past 2 days I pray it is the m/s tapering off. Either that or these are just good days with more bad ones to follow.... I beg god no more puking!!! DH tries but sometimes man!!!!!! Today I just wanna love on him though sigh stupid work! UGH!


jrcreations - June 2

I fear a lot of things, but puking is near the top, so maybe (just maybe) I could bypa__s the M/S :D heehee, I doubt it, but still it's worth it for a little one.



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