DHA Enfamil Pills

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bsing123 - January 11

Is anybody taking the DHA Enfamil pills?? Anybody's doctor recommend them??


stefkay - January 11

my doctor recommended them (Expecta), but I am taking an Omega 3 instead that has both DHA and EPA because the EPA is really good for the baby's circulation too.


mjvdec01 - January 11

I am not familiar with these, what exactly is it and what are the benefits??


stefkay - January 12

You can google Enfamil's site, but part of what I found explains this: Studies have shown DHA, a nutrient received in utero and through b___st milk, is an important building block for a baby's brain and eye development during pregnancy and through the first 2 years of life.* In fact, significant brain growth occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy and through the first 2 years of life. ********** A lot of prenatals don't contain DHA, so now a lot of OB's are suggesting to take it with the prenatal. I was told to do it actually. I chose to take an Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement instead because the EPA in addition to the DHA is even more beneficial because it helps in circulation and blood flow. Here is something I found that describes it well: Nutrition During Pregnancy Must Include Fish Oil The DHA and EPA found in omega 3 fish plays such a vital role in a pregnant woman's health and her baby's development that many scientists recommend at least 900 mgs of fish oil a day during pregnancy. That's equivalent to a daily serving of salmon. The benefits for baby are: * A better brain with higher intelligence * Good nervous system development * Better eyesight from retina formation * Fewer behavioral problems after birth * Better sleep patterns for a new born Health benefits for mom include: * Less chance of developing pre-eclampsia * Protection against brain loss during pregnancy * Less chance of pre-term labor and cesarean * Much lower risk of postpartum depression * Greatly reduced incidence of b___st cancer DHA and EPA make up about 70% of a newborn baby’s brain, retina and nervous system. The only way a fetus can get these important omega 3 fatty acids is from mom. And the amount is dependent on how much she's getting in her pregnancy diet. *****************I just made sure that I bought an Omega 3 fish oil supplement that is purified (no toxins, mercury or pcbs) and is ONLY Omega 3 fish oil (you DON'T want a combo that contains omega 6 or omega 9 in it as those are not good to take in pregnancy).....sorry so much info overload, but I hope it helped some :)


stefkay - January 12

ps...if you don't want to worry about the fatty acids coming from a fish source that is what the Expecta DHA is, it comes from non-fish sources. I just wanted something that had EPA in it too and that can only be found in the fish oil derivatives.


mjvdec01 - January 12

Thank you so much for the information. I have an appointment with my doctor on the 24th and will ask him about it then. I have Thyroid disease so I have to be careful what I take. If he says it's alright for me then I will order it for sure. I found them on the Enfamil site, but can you get them at the drug store as well, or is there a site with a better price. I'll pay whatever I have to, but I was just wondering. Again, thank you. I wish I would have known about this with my first pregnancy, although my daughter is a genius anyway. lol


stefkay - January 13

I got mine at Walmart when I got them and they ran about $10-11 for a box. I think it had a month supply in it. Not bad at all, about like the prenatals.



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