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Jaime - May 3

I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my first and also insulin dependant. Shouldn't my doctor be more concerned with monitoring me? I don't have an appointment until the end of my 9th week. Is anyone else out there diabetic and if so, what complications have you had?


Nic - May 3

Hi there Jaime. If your diabetes is usually under control and your doctor feels that you are more than capable of maintaining that control then there is no reason for you to be monitored more closely. I don't know how often you usually test your blood sugars but for your own peace of mind you could do it prior to every meal. Also you may find that you eat more than usual during your pregnancy so make sure you manipulate your insulin dose/regime to accomodate that. Don't spend all your time stressing about it, enjoy your pregnancy and monitor yourself as closely as you feel you need to.


Jaime - May 3

Thanks for the reply. I do test about 5x a day and so far everything has been good! Thanks!


Karen - May 18

Jaime or anyone else with DM.....I am also Type1 insulin dependant and I am ttc. I was wondering if you are noticing your blood sugars are low a lot. I was told by my endo I would notice a lot more lows. Thanks.


Jaime - May 18

I do notice alot more lows. However, oddly enough, my base sugars have gone up. I usually run between 95 and 110 and now I'm running between 115 and 125. I also have had pretty bad all day sickness and vomiting so that has been contributing to my lower sugar levels. I've just made sure to stay in close contact with my doctor. How long have you be ttc? I'm 25 and it took me a year. Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Laurie - May 18

I had Gestational diabetes with my son, and it did cause a little complications. I ended up going into labor 5 weeks early and he was born with some breathing problems, but i had him early due to the diabetes. The only risk i know of is if your blood sugar isnt undercontrol when your baby is born, the baby's blood sugar could bottom out. I wouldnt be too conscerned at the early weeks though. I went all the way from week 10 to week 27 before they did anything about mine. But yea, the only worry is how ur blood sugar is when your going to give birth.... let me know if you have any questions, i would be glad to answer any of them.



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