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w - October 29

Anyone had bad Diarrhea due to morning sickness. I am finding really hard to eat as it all comes out, only at night i can eat. My stomach is in agony because of this. i have read that this lasts for 3 days, I am now on day 2. Anyone else having this problem. I am now 8 weeks x


E - October 29

Yogurt is a great way to minimize diarrhea, or so I have found. Also, it is high in protein and is soothing on the stomach for morning sickness. I had the same problem.


W - October 30

To E, do u think that is y u aven't put on alot of weight, as I was reading some of your comments on the Q&A. I have lost about 3lbs but am not complaining. Hopefully i wont put on much as I dont want to look like a whale as I am only short in height. How far r u E?


Kat - October 30

I'm now 11week and have had this for about 3 weeks now. I have told my Dr. And he has just changed my vitimains and that still has not help. I'm getting to the point to were I think this is my morning sickness instead of throwing up it comes out the other end. I have tryed the yogurt, Fiber almost every thing if any one has any other ideas that would be great. Or if this has happen to any one please let me know. Dr. knowns about it and the baby is ok.


E - October 30

I eat alot more than yogurt as I am 18 weeks:) I recommend yogurt for morning sickness if you cannot keep other foods down, as many women complain about. It is a healthy and easy food to digest. I should say that the yogurt I was eating while ill was a double serving with 1/3 cup protein powder added, frozen berries, and some OJ, blended into a smoothie. It was rather high in calories and very high in protein. Tasted delicious and I would drink 2 per day for meals and also eat cheerios with skim. I am a really thin woman and always have been. I am not sure why I did not gain. I know I could have eaten more but the yogurt was by no means a diet, especially with the powder added.


W - November 1

When does your belly get hard and u can start to feel something i just pressed mine an i feel it's full of water!!! Where is the baby buried!!!


louise - November 7

i had diarrhea but now have constipation. I would say i had it for 3 days as well. I saw my babys heart beat last monday. I hope its ok in there. Youll be fine. I am 8 weeks on thursday.


S - November 12

I prayed for anything but vomiting and with my first 2 I had diarrhea in the first trimester. They were both born healthy.


R - November 15

I have also been suffering with bad diarrhea which really worried me at times because in the 8th week I got to the stage where almost everything I ate was going straight through me. At first I thought it was just the hormone changes because I always suffered with constipation before I was pregnant and I expected that to get worse, rather than have diarrhea. It was also suggested to me that it could be a lactose intolerance which is apparently quite common in pregnancy. I am now 10 weeks and still have diarrhea every couple of days but its not as bad and I have just decided that its my share of the morning sickness!!


KD - November 16

It makes me very happy to hear that I am not the only one experiencing this. With my first pregnancy I threw up the first four months. It was terrible. However with my second I have only thrown up a few times but have had consistant diarrhea. I don't know which is worse! :-) Does anyone notice the gas pains as being the hardest part about it? What are you doing to help with that?


B - November 20

I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet. I am looking for symptoms. My period isn't supposed to start for another 2 weeks. But I have put on like 5lbs in 2 days and I work out every day. Also I've had diarrhea every morning for about a week. What do you ladies think? Thanks in advance for any input.


E - November 20

I am 5.5 months and still have diarrhea almost every night - at 6pm to be precise:) I am sick of it and do not know what to do about it. I get plenty of fiber and do not feel ill.


a - November 22

Not to be a downer, but i had that my entire pregnancy it seemed. Seemed like I was worried about going anywhere at first because I had diahrhea all the time! It did let up later in the pregnancy but didn't disappear all together. I never got the "morning sickness" or at least puking or feeling nauseated


a. - November 22

By the way when I was pregnant and had diarrhea my doctor said try the BRAT diet for a few weeks B=Bananas R=Rice A= Apple Sause and T=TOAST keep it bland


tanya - November 25

i'm 7 weeks preg and have had no morning sickness but have had diarrhea pretty bad so i called my mid wife and she told me to go on a brat diet eat bread rice applesauce and oddly enough marshmellows try it it works wonders


Angela - April 5

I am 8 weeks as well. I have the same problem. I feel nausious. I have morning sickness. As soon as I eat, I have diarrhea. Just day 2 for me too.


L - April 5

I had this for about 2 days, I thought it was a stomach virus but it happened after I ate fried foods and I must say, I will never do that again...



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