Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy

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emilymalm - May 22

I, too, had diarrhea during a lot of my first trimester. I kept reading everywhere that most pregnant women got constipated so was surprised when I had the opposite problem. I found a bland diet minus fruit such as apples and very little dairy helped somewhat. Also, be sure to keep yourself well hydrated. Talk to your doc if it's a bad problem. I've heard of some women taking kaopectate on advice from their doc. I think it is hormones as I noticed that this disappeared when my m/s went away too, which usually happens when hormone levels level off in the late part of the first trimester. I'm 19 weeks now and haven't had any problems for a while now. The good news is that there's been no constipation either :)


j. - May 23

I am so glad I found this thread. Last week I had diarrhea for about 2 days. Although I don't think I'm pregnant, I have my suspicions. Back to the diarrhea. It was horrible and was also accompanied with terrible cramps. It would hurt so bad I just wanted to scream. The pain, like the diarrhea, was off and on for about 3-4 days straight. I also thought maybe I ate something bad. But now, reading all this, I'm wondering if I may actually be pregnant. Was there any of you who experienced this PRIOR to getting your BFP? Also, did anyone experience bleeding(af-like)?


Shanna - June 2

This is my 2nd pregnancy, had this off and on with my daughter. This time had diarreah for a whole day and bad cramps. Didn't take a test until a few days after that.


Nicksmom - June 3

First and foremost, tell your doctor. It could be nothing or it could be something. In my last pregnancy, I had it for several weeks. It turned out to be just a hormonal thing. But everything I ate went through me. I made sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.


evrybdyfhqwhgad - June 4

J, this one is for you. The bleeding you might be asking about is called implantation bleeding. Sometimes when you get pregnant, while the egg is implanting in the uterine wall you experience something like a mild period, or even something as light as spotting. Its totally normal, but not everyone experiences it.


Samantha13 - June 4

I am 10 weeks pregnant, and I had diarrhea for 5 days last week. Everything I would eat would make me cramp right away, and I would go to the restroom and have diarrhea. My physician's nurse stated that it could be IBS, or my diet. She insisted that I try the BRATT diet for 24 Hours. Bananas, Rice, Applesause, Toast or Tea (Decaf ofcourse). 24 Hours I was back to normal. Your stress level can effect your bowel movements. Sometimes your body reacts to stress before you do. I try to b__w off stress, but subcontiously it is always there.


ErinPasquale - June 29

I thought I was alone in this too..afraid my chronic diarreah was keeping my unborn from getting the nutrients it needs, I now suspect my prenatal vitamins were the culprits, I read somewhere that a woman took Flinstone Children's Chewables (no calcium) and an extra folic acid vitamin. I did this today and so far I feel good-I don't like the dyes in those chewables so I went to Whole Foods Market and got "Perfect Prenatal" by NewChapter Organics, a whole foods based vitamin - gentle on the stomach and low in calcium (a must for me since I am lactose intolerant). I plan to take those tomorrow..and will follow-up and let you all know how it is going - this my be the solution for me and many of us. Expensive tho - $42.00/120 pills per bottle and you must take 4 a day.


Clare14 - May 18

I am so glad that I found this site. I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been constipated up until today. I have no bad cramps just diarrhea. Was really worried it was a sign of miscarriage as the books tell you that you should be constipated.


angel122 - May 19

Hi! I am 7 weeks pregnant also and having diarrhea since I found out i was pregnant! I found that milk products were causing my problem. I stopped drinking milk and eating milk in cereals. Ice cream does not bother me though - it is just plain milk. Cut this out of your diet and see if it helps. Good luck!


weyi - May 20

hi am 5w2d and i spotted 3days after i was supposed to see my period .now am havg cramps an stooling too and am freaking,will c my doc tomorrow hang in there


Ashley - May 27

I am 5 WKS preg (found out the other day yay!) i had a miscarriage last july (2006) ive had kind of diarreha. it sometimes starts as it but not really bad watery, and ends up constipated. its memorial day weekend and my focs doesnt open until tuesday, so losing one before you can see how paranoid i am! i was just wondering if anyone else expiriences this?


Kiimi - May 27

i have the same issue..sorry if TMI but i will be constipated for like 2 days and then have diahrrea for a whole day and then im constipated again


aselleck26 - May 27

not TMI. I want to know lol. so do you know if its anything for concern? im just a lil qorried as u can tell. i sure hope not.


jj47 - July 19

I have the same thing, my period isn't due until the 7-22-07 took test today and it said not, but I have bad cramping in my back and my stomach and had bad diarreah for three days it was watery, green and what I ate went right through me. (ga__sy too)!!! I remeber that part with my son. I have two kids and knew I was pregnat by day 12 and today is day 11 so I guess I will see, I just don't rember this much pain with the cramps, they go away for a few hours and then come back strong. I will let you know on Moday if it is positive or negative


moscufo322 - July 24

I have to tell you how relieved I am to read your messages. I am two days from my period. There is a possibility I could be pregnant. I have been have bouts of diarrhea for the past couple days. It is so weird. I will get the bad cramps have a bowel movement and be fine and wanting to eat again in a hour or two. The cycle will happen again. I hope that I am pregnant, because it will explain a lot. Thanks again!


Gemini_Girl - July 27

Yeh i have had quite alot of diarrhea too, it follows really bad cramps that have me doubled over, sometimes I think that im having baby related cramps and I get sooo worried - anyone else have that? but really I just need to visit the bathroom which is a relief, in more ways that one!



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