Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy

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Gemini_Girl - July 27

Yeh i have had quite alot of diarrhea too, it follows really bad cramps that have me doubled over, sometimes I think that im having baby related cramps and I get sooo worried - anyone else have that? but really I just need to visit the bathroom which is a relief, in more ways that one!


jenniberry - July 27

i'm so glad i found this and all of you- i've had BAD diarrhea since possible conception on 7/18. it's too early to test. i had a miscarriage in march 07 at 8.5 weeks, been trying for 2 months now, i don't remember having this last time maybe thats a good sign!


excited2bemama - July 29

its normal... I had diarrhea for my whole first trimester... you can try buying witchhazel- keep it in the fridge and after you go- put a little bit on a cotton ball or on the toliet paper and wipe and hold it there for a second or 2- its cooling and numbing.


Alex - September 24

Well im almost 13ws and i have had diarrhea off and on through the whole 13 weeks.. I have also had severe constipation and to tell you the truth id rather go to much than not at all. as long at you are keeping your fluids in you i would not be worried. your body will eventually regulate itself


planklg - November 27

Hi I'm supossed to get my period this week but feel I may be pregnant. My b___bs are strangely not sore when they usually are and I have flu like symptoms like diarrhea cramping fatigue and aches. Glad I found this thread. :)


nola-gal - November 27

i'm having diarhea too. i feel like thorwing up, but have diarhea instead. i find that not eating meat has helped. i'm almost seven weeks. and you're right, no one tells you about this problem!!! i find that eating more bread and cheese and laying off the meat helps. meat is the hardest for our bodies to digest normally, so being pregnant probably makes it worse.


m- - November 27

i am not sure i am pregnant, could be, would just be 10 dpo, barely, but have had severe cramping and pain with bowel movement, not loose watery stools, just pain and urgency with the bowel movement, almost like an upset stomach, and some lightheadedness, what does anyone think?


LTLB04 - November 29

I am also happy I found this discussion! My last period ws 11/8/2007...my bf and I did the do on 11/16, 11/18 and 11/20/2007. I have been experiencing cramps/upset stomach followed by diarrhea everyday since 11/25. I also have a runny nose but no cold or headaches! I'm not sure if I am or not yet b/c its still to early to test (I think!) Just wondering if its a possiblity that I am and if this a sign for me?!!! Baby dust to all :)


jmsc - December 31

I was relieved to find this site because I too have diarrhea. I am only 3 weeks pregnant but it is concerning to me. The only thing I can say that I am trying for now is calcium. I used to take it to help with bad diarrhea because it always helped bind me up in the past, just one tablet. But I know that might now work for others. If anyones interested I can let you know if its working for me. As a nurse, besides fluids, the only other thing I would say is the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and tea. I do hope it does go away soon though, it makes me feel weak.


apr - January 1

This is funny. I had diharrea all of ast week and yesterday I found out I am pregnant. I hope this isnt a sign of m/c


HeavenisMine - January 1

I had diarrhea like crazy in my first trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter. The only thing I can suggest is drinking tons of water (or if that makes you sick find a drink like gatorade) and try avoiding lots of sugar or greasy foods :) I am not sure what is safe to take as far as medications go. I never took any. Best wishes, diarrhea sucks I know.


bellybubble - January 1

haha hey ladies - I am 8 wks 4 days pregnant and I also have been suffering from diarrhea - been going on for about 3 weeks now - i have a docs app for check up in 2 weeks so if it is still going on i will ask about it - i will let you know what doc says. But i think i would rather this then being constipated. Haha sorry if TMI!!


IMhoping4number3 - January 4

I found out I was pregnant last week (yay! been ttc for 9 months!) But since like 8 dpo, I have woken up every morning with a BAD tummy aches, feels like I'm about to puke..than ends up being bad diarrhea. So I'm there with you! I'm 5 weeks 3 days today. ANd I'rather be sitting on the toilet than kneeling!!


paradama - January 11

MG...this helps me..i was supposed to get my period aroundcs on wed the 9 and theirs is negative..went to a clinic today and theirs negative!!???but i have taken more tests at home since then and positive!? today my stomach hurt SOOO bad that i cried ran to the bathroom and had dirrahea too! 01/04/08 and didnt///felt as though i was prego took a test that day and positive..took 3 more and positive..went to the doinsane cramps lasted for about 30 minutes..now i have noticed some light pinkish color the past few days like i might be getting my period and today it is a little darker and very mucusy but not flowing...i have read that i may be going through the implantation process and i so hope so! i know i am not crazy and a total of 9 home tests cant be wrong?RIGHT!?????HELP!!!! i too worry that i miscarried or will miscarry cause all the stuff i read makes me think that based on my symptons...but also could be that i am only a few weeks or days pregnant and it is not showing on the doctors urine test..am just waiting


paradama - January 11

sorry...for some reason my comment makes no sense i copied and pasted and it got all messed up...basically all my HPTests have shown positive the Early Response ones. THe doctors urine tests all say no. I took my first test sun the 4. I


pinkbo0tlace - January 18

You answered my prayers. I have had diarrhea for the last two days and I was going to post on here about it -- but I guess its normal!



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