Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy

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JacksMommy - August 7

I am about 7 weeks with my second pregnancy. With my son, I had diarrhea the whole first trimester, pretty much every day after one meal or another. The food would just flush right through me. With this pregnancy, it seems to be worse. It started right after conception (for those of you wondering, yes it MAY be a sign of pregnancy because it was for me!), and I have it sometimes three or more times a day. I attribute it to hormonal changes. I have always had sort of a "sensitive system" anyway. On the plus side, this seems to be my version of morning sickness, so at least it's not vomiting!


liljk1989 - August 7

Can someone help me? I got my period on July 10 and on the 24th I ovulated. I had s_x on the days I was fertile and ovulation day. Well I took a HPT yesterday and it came back negative but I've been having diarrhea, headaches, nausea, and sore b___sts. I used Clear Blue Easy Digital Preg. Test and it said 'Not Pregnant' but when I took it apart and looked at the test strip, it showed to blue lines but the one on the left was fainted. What could that mean? Please help.


adorenorth - August 12

I haven't missed my period yet but begining yesterday I have had really bad cramping and diarrhea after every piece of food i've eaten. This morning after throwing up a perfectly good piece of toast, i went to my doctor thinking i had a bug. Im running a fever but my white cell count he says is normal (so im not 'fighting' anything). Having ruled out food poisoning, I bought a pregnancy test. It came up negative... Then I read the box. It detects pregnancy up to 4 days before your missed period and I'm not expecting mine til next week. Reading this forum it looks like a lot of you got your diarrhea warning way earlier than a test would pick up on. Could I be pregnant?


bestienna - August 13

I have some diarreah too. I had my last period on 10th of July and had a chance to conceive on 25th-26th. So I should be over 4 weeks pregnant now. I also had some doubts regarding my pregnancy test because one out of two stripes was very light, but I retook the test with another test, which was good for testing up to 6 days before my period and it was positive... I've read that in the early stage of pregnancy your body doesn't generate a lot of human hormone yet (the one they use to define if you are pregnant or not), but any amount will cause second stripe on test to appear and it's valid result that you are pregnant, no matter how pale it is. If you are in doubt, retake the test. For all girls who are waiting to see that, try the early pregnancy tests, they may already tell you that you are pregnant. Congrats to everyone! :)


bestienna - August 13

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted here. It's good to see that it's not abnormal. I was kind of scared when I had it and all websites tell you that you should have constipation instead... Seems it's all down to you individually plus to your diet. Good luck to you all ladies!


nifer092584 - August 20

I have had diarrhea for 3 days now. there is a possibilty that I could be pregnant but I can't test yet. any advice would be greatly appreciated


Tasman Bay Butterfly - August 23

Anything's possible. I'm having diarrhea for a week now. I have a sneaky pregnancy suspicion, too. AF only lasted 2 days this week and it wasn't very heavy. Also had spotting 6 dpo. Good luck.


ssp - August 23

So glad to find this site. I am having the same problem. Can't seem to get rid of the diarrhea. Have had it for many weeks now. I went to the dr the other day and she said it is probably my colitis flaring up. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that I have felt sick for the last 2 months (I never actually puke. The feeling just comes and goes all day!) My dr suggested going back on asacol to deal with the colitis, but perhaps this symptom is more normal than I have read. Did the diarrhea get better for anyone after the first trimester? I am just about 12 weeks. I am really hoping that it gets better soon!!!


comei - August 24

The thing that helps with diarrhea the most is yogurt with live active cultures. These cultures live natually in your intestines replacing them can help with the diarrhea. You can also buy acidophilus tablets at most health food stores. I have also been thinking that i might be pregnant, but have not yet missed my period, it SHOULD start in abut 6-7 days. I had been feeling a little nauseous, but when the diarrhea started I was wondering if it was just a virus. I found several websites about women having diarrhea. I had only heard of women getting constipated before this. -Nurse Mei


nifer092584 - August 25

Well the diarrhea continues, it isn't as bad as it was, however my period did not come when expected. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, however I tend to have an irregular cycle, so I guess I will wait out the week and see what happens. Perhaps it is all a false alarm.


runnershirl - October 26

Wow--it's amazing that so many ppl have the same situation--early testing, not sure if we're prego and sudden painful (cramping over) diarrhea! I've been posting here the last two weeks to monitor my symptoms and see if they're related, and thought .."just in case" I'd see if diarrhea is related...and it could be. Let me ask opinions though...I'm one day late on AF, and the urine test said no today. I did a blood test last week (also negative, but probably too early?) and symptoms such as consistent burping, farting (tmi sorry), nausea, fatigue, (now diarrhea), food taste funny sometimes, all persist. What are your opinions on whether you think this is looking like pregnancy? If I am, I'd be starting my 5th week, I think. (Oh, and charting CM, it seems high and soft with milky CM)


Caligirl700 - November 13

Hi I have been experiencing loose stools every morning for the past couple weeks. Then today I had to go twice and one time was very watery. I could be preggo but not sure. I like most thought that constipation was the norm and since I didn't have that I thought not. I haven't had any morning sickness or sore b___sts which I thought I would have also. I have however been terribly emotional, tired with headaches or lightheadedness at times. I also had leg cramps. I haven't been eating anything different. My period was due Oct 31st nothing as yet. Could I be preggo? Any one else had these syptoms and tested positive?


Caligirl700 - November 13

To answer runnershirl I've been ga__sy too burping and farting along with loose stools/diarrhea. Like you I'd be in my 5th week if I am preggo.


soumi-sofia - December 6

I had very crampy, painful diarrhea this afternoon, which was preceded by craming & gas all day yesterday. I thought it was food poisoning, but I'm 10 days post-s_x & the problem is - I'm still b___stfeeding my 10 month old daughter & have erratic cycles still? Is it possible that this is a symptom of early pregnancy? I didn't get any symptoms with my daughter until 5 weeks...after that I vomitted the entire pregnancy....I hope this isn't the omen of another rough one...any hope?


tinalaferte - December 17

Diarreah can be a sign your pregnant. It all depends on the person though. I can tell you that when I first found out I was pregnant I had it non stop and non stop throwing up for like the first 3 months. I lost a lot of weight. Felt like I had the flu but worse. The best thing to do is to be careful what you eat and try not too eat big meals before going to work, depending on your work schedual. I got prescribed this medication called Diclectin and its only for pregnant women. It works miracles!!! I just dunno if they have that where you are. But its always best to ask your doctor.


WOJO3 - February 2

I am 5w5d preggo, and I have had big time diarrhea since about 3 or 4 dpo. It happens almost everyday, and it's constant, like after everything I eat, I suddenly have to run to the bathroom to go. It's been interesting, but I would surely choose this over vomiting.



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