Diarrhea Instead Of Constipation

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Julie - October 28

Is anyone else experiencing diarrhea in early pregnancy? I am 4 weeks/3 days. Everyone talks about constipation, I have diarrhea every morning and sometimes my food doesn't appear digested (sorry tmi)......


Maria - October 28

Hello Julie, I can't say I have Diarrhea, but it is a lot looser than I usually go, I am 8 weeks and for the last 4 when I go it sure isn't anywheres near constipated. I was going everyday until last week, now it is every 2 days, still pretty loose too. I am taking my prenatal vitamins. I have tried bananas, rice, ect... I guess I should be glad I am not constipated, I have heard it is not fun at all! I actually was constipated with my first 2 pregnancies, this is my 3rd and so far feeling totally different!


Julie - October 28

Thanks for your thoughts Maria. Maybe progesterone can give you diarrhea, who knows, hopefully it doesn't cause a problem, I'm trying to drink extra fluids......


Kim - October 28

I have the exact same thing. It looks like its coming out before its even fully digested most of the time. I guess everyones bodies just react differently to pregnancy. I see my Dr. next week and I plan on asking him about this. I can let you know what he says if you want!


Julie - October 28

Kim, that would be GREAT, I would appreciate it sooo much. I'm sure its fine too, but just kinda weird........ lettuce floating in the toilet is a strange sight, especially for husbands!! :oD


Fioghi - October 28

I don't know if you might find it rea__suring but I had 10 days of diarrhoea around that very same period and the numerous bowel motions caused some black bleeding that was identified as "implantation" bleeding, and is now gone. I feel much better now but I still have more than 1 bowel motion/day! Try to take water and salt not to get dehydrated, it helps.



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