Did All Of You Get Implantation Bleeding

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Doubleal - October 17

I'm 6 dpo. Is it to early to test? Does or did everyone have impant. bleeding? This is my 3rd and we are trying very hard. I have a few syptoms, headaches(they started 2 days ago),very very bloated,mild cramping and back aches and a high temp. Please any info. will be great. Good luck to all of you!!!


newlywed0915 - October 17

I didn't get any implantation bleeding...did you?


Doubleal - October 17

No, i haven't had any bleeding or spotting. I'm not pregnant yet(hoping). I have been having some funky syptoms.


meg - October 17

I did...at least that what I think it was. On CD 25 (9-10 DPO) I had some light brown when I wiped, this lasted for 2-3 days. Also, twice I had a few drops of red blood. With the cramps I was having I thought for sure it was AF, but I had my beta checked on Tuesday (CD 28) & it was positive!! My numbers were 156. I go back in a few hours to make sure they are doubling....6 DPO is definitely too early to test. Most of the time implantation takes place 7-10 days after Oing. Just a few more days, then you can test away!


michelleb - November 5

Yes on this, my 3rd pregnancy I had light bleeding on 10DPO which I thought my period was coming early. But period never came, and apparently I got pregnant on birth control. But with my 1st two pregnancies, I did not have any implantation bleeding at all. I've read that most women do not.


reneenay - November 5

I had implantation bleeding on the day I was due for my next period...I found out I was pregnant a week later. It was just a little pink mucous when i wiped and that was it, along with some menstrual-type cramping. I thought I was starting my AF for sure, but I was wrong. It's my first pregnancy...


heatherjene - November 5

I did have implantation bleeding about 5 days before I was supposed to start AF, but mine lasted a whole week with light brown spotting to some red bleeding, but never heavy at all. I found out I was pregnant 3 days after the bleeding started- which was 2 Days before my period was due!! Good Luck.


Faye84 - November 5

I did have implantation bleeding on my first child, it was very very very light. I honestly thought my period was going to start because I was cramping so bad.


ChattyKathy - November 5

Its way too early to test. 10 dpo you'd be lucky to get a bfp, 12dpo is still considered early and some tests will not pick up on it that early. You're just ging to have to wait. As far as implantation bleeding, thats actually pretty rare to have. I didn't have a single spot.


jenn W - November 5

Doubleal, did you have any bleeding? I ovulate late and was suppose to get my af today. Yesterday I had some spotting and the same today, but definitely not like my regular af. My b___bs are KILLING me and so is my back. I took a test yesterday and it was BFN. I'm wondering if it was too early to tell because I was only 9DPO and as I mentioned I ovulate late. I am sending tons of baby dust your way and hope you are pregnant!!!!!!! Jen


ShoppingForTwo - November 5

I'd say to go ahead and test. I got a BFP 7 dpo. I guess it's different for everyone. And thank God I didn't get any implantation bleeding. It would have scared the c___p out of me. I did have major cramps for a few days though.



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