Did Anyone Get A And Then A A Few Days Later

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jenn W - October 4

Hi Ladies, Can any of you tell me if you took a pregnancy test a few days before af and got a negative and then tested a few days after you were suppose to get af and got a positive? I've been trying for 10 months now and have never felt so.....pregnant....but my test came back negative. I'm wondering if there is still hope.


sarah21 - October 4

Absolutely!! I didn't test until I was late so I didn't get any negatives, but it happens regularly. You may just be testing a bit too early. Give it a couple days and don't lose hope!


jenn W - October 4

I just realized that because my cycles are 36 days, I probably can't test until the 9th....but the program I just used to figure that out also told me I probably ovulated on the 28th....which is bad news for me because I had the spotting from the 25th-28th, so it might have been from ovulation...not implantation bleeding. :( AND because I was spotting my husband and I didn't TTC...which bums me out because I just missed out on another month!


sarah21 - October 4

That sucks. I'm sorry. Hopefully, though, you will catch that egg soon and get to do more waiting as a pregnant woman. I swear there are so many things to wait for... Dr. appointments, heartbeats, Ultrasounds, movement... it never ends...


jenn W - October 4

My husband and I joke because when you are dating you wait to get engaged, when you are engaged you wait to get married, once you are married you wait to get pregnant....it's enough to make you crazy! lol Thank you for your response. When are you due?


kay101 - October 4

Hey jen, I took a test and it was negative. I took another one two days later because I figured if I was indeed pregnant, that my shcg levels would have doubled which they did and I got a positive. I also had ovulation bleeding the month before I got my bfp. If the two of you had s_x right before the spotting started, you were probably still fertile and sperm usually lives for 72 hours.


Jamie29 - October 4

Hey Jen- I tested 10 days after IUI and got a - and then tested 13 days after and got a very faint + that you could barely see. It got dark like 2 days after a/f was due which was like 16 days after IUI.


jenn W - October 5

You all just made my day! I just needed to hear it to feel better. I know this might not be the month, but it's still nice to hear people's positive stories. It makes me so happy. I'm so happy for all of you and thank you so much! :)


Leahann80 - October 5

I tested two days , then 1 day before my expected before my period and got a neg. tested the day of and got a very faint positive with fact plus


letgo0527 - October 8

I actually tested the day af was supposed to show up, and got a negative. After that I started feeling really yucky. I tested positive 5 days later.



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