Did Anyone Have Cramping As Their Early Preg Sign

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A - February 11

I'm having a lot of cramping for about a month now on and off...Did anyone have a lot of cramping as their early preg. symptom? Thanks :)


Lilu - February 11

I found out I was pregnant right away and I got worried b/c I was getting cramps. I thought maybe I was having a miscarriage but I read it's just your body adjusting. I even had some spotting more morning and paniced so I called my Dr. and they said all is normal and the only bad thing is that it makes you worry. The Dr. told me that as long as they are mild it's fine. If you start bleeding heavily and having unbareable cramping then something is wrong. Try not to worry. I'm at 10 weeks and I had those symptoms also.


Lucky1 - February 11

yep!! Major cramping. Like AF was coming


Rosa - February 11

Yes, I did too. I am only 8 weeks. I still feel some cramps now and then but not too hard, but let me tell you that in week 5, I experienced a heavy cramp that wake me up and I thought I was going to have a miscarriage especially when I never experienced too much cramping during my period.Thanks God I went to my first prenatal visit and everything was fine. I read that if cramps are not too hard and you are not bleeding is not a bad sign.


Julie - February 11

Yes, I did too, that was the first thing I noticed. The thing that was different is they felt like they were more on the sides of where they normally are. I am 8 weeks now.


A - February 11

Thanks everyone! I would love to be pregnant but I keep getting negative results. I haven't had a period since the middle of Dec., so I've already missed one. I'm suppose to start again on Sunday. I'm just hoping it's not stress that kept me from missing the last one. I've just been having cramps so much and it's someday's but not others. So weird! I don't know what to think...


A - February 11

I have another question...when do you start to feel the hardness of the stomach? Sorry, I really don't even know how to re-word that! Hold on...when should your stomach start to feel hard?



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