Did Anyone Just Have Afeeling

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cami08 - March 4

Hi all. I am just wondering if any of you new expectant moms just had a feeling this was your month to get a bfp? I am only 2 dpo so I am not saying I know anything at all and of course I have NO symptoms, but I just have a strange feeling. Share your thoughts;)


mjvdec01 - March 4

I am 19 weeks 5 days and this time I just knew it had happened. It wasn't a surprise at all when I got my BFP. Also remember that wishful thinking can play a big part in that 'just know' feeling. I would hate for you to convince yourself that you were and then have af start. In the mean time just watch for obvious signs, things like blue or green viens running through your areolas, hips, lower abdomen and thighs. That was the dead give a way for me. I hope this really is your month.


cami08 - March 4

I know you're right mjvdec! I think I have been wishful thinking since I planned everything really well this month. I guess I just have to wait; )


mjvdec01 - March 4

When is AF due? I'll wait with you.


BeckyBunny - March 5

NO. lol. I was completely shocked, even though we have been ttc, I just really expected the test to be negative. I only tested because my DF prompted me to.


llukenjess - March 5

I had a feeling too...


Kimi - March 5

i kina did, but then i thought it was my month every month. this month tho i was like "ugh i know im not b/c i think this every month im not even gonna test" but af was late and i got a neg hpt as i figured i would but af still didnt come so i called the doc to see what was wrong, i figured they were gonna give me something to jump start af but then they called with the shocking bloodwork results and im PREGGO!!!


cami08 - March 5

Congrats to all of you; ). AF isn't due until march 16th, so I have a bit of a wait. I am trying to prepare myself for af showing but for some reason when it does, I am usually OK about it. Kind of a new lease on trying.


jenn W - March 5

I had been trying for 14 months and this time I just knew I was. I can't explain it, but I felt so sure I didn't even take a test until a few days after my missed period. (in the past I had taken tests 4 days before af) It was funny, when I took the test I was kind of talking to myself (no I'm not insane) saying that I didn't need to look because I just knew. lol I'm sending baby dust your way!!!!!



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