Did You Experience This In Early Pregnancy

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trying4number1 - July 10

Just wondering if any of you have experienced any diarrhea (sorry :( yuck I know) in EARLY pregnancy - first month or so??? I MIGHT be preggers but haven't tested yet - only 3 days late so I'm just wondering if this might be a sign or just a touch of something? Thanks ladies!


SarahBethT - July 10

yes! Be careful because that leads to dehydration. I was puking and had diarrhea. Look luck!


trying4number1 - July 10

Thanks so much - I'll be sure to keep drinking my water!


trying4number1 - July 11

Today is CD 42 for me.....4 days LATE!!! Yesterday I had a very upset stomach and was using the bathroom a lot for #2 (I don't want to go into any more detail than that) Today I had cramping like AF was coming - also had that a few days ago....now I just have a headache....b___sts were a little sore yesterday but now they're fine......I'm going to test later next week if AF doesn't show!!


mjvdec01 - July 11

Why are you waiting to test? If you are already late, you should get a correct result. I say test in the morning with FMU.


angelmonkey - July 12

i am 9weeks pregnant and i am suffering with very bad constepation lol, i wish it was diharea instead lol


trying4number1 - July 13

I had another bout of this, this afternoon.....I'm 6 days late......I've been SOOOO tired the past few days......I think I'm going to test tomorrow morning!!!


mrs riss - July 14

i definetly have had # 2 alot all and night infact. It sounds like your pregnant and if you are, we are about the same my period is 5 days late today. And i got my positive result on the 11th. Let me know what your test says. Good luck!


trying4number1 - July 14

Hi mrs riss - well I tested this morning and got a neg. but still no AF - very strange.....I'm going to re-test on the weekend if AF doesn't show.....but CONGRATS to you! The 11th huh? Hmmm I wonder why I haven't gotten a + or AF....I don't think I've ever been THIS late!


mrs riss - July 14

sorry to hear about your negitive result i know how depressing that is. But try and relax and not stress you could end up delaying your period even longer if you aren't pregnant. But good luck with the test on the weekend and i would say if stil no AF and if the test is negative again i would call your doctor for a blood test. Let me know how it goes



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