Did You Get A Late BFP

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daisy22 - June 22

I am almost 2 weeks late for AF and I am curious if anyone else has gotten a BFP being a few weeks late. I read some women don't make enough hormone for a few weeks.. but I am not sure. Has anyone else had a late BFP?


daisy22 - June 23



Fire - June 23

I'm in the same situation as you. I'm about 3 weeks late and I've been reading a LOT of posts about women who haven't gotten a positive for several weeks. Some have even said the blood tests were negative for a while, but they ended up finding out they were pregnant. I've also been trying to get more people to share their stories. How many times have you tested? Have you ever been this late before?


GIGI - July 5

I am also 2 weeks late. I tested at 4 days late...BFN, then again 7 days late...BFN again. Now I am 14 days and wondering if I should test again or wait longer.


crystal74 - July 5

i can tell you that one month i ovulated 2 weeks later than i should have so that made my period two weeks late. i hear that some women do get a late bfp, so hopefully there's still hope. are any of you using an Ovulation predictor kit? and if so then did u get a positive O on time?


kclarkadpi - July 5

I was on clomid, and used an opk, so i'm pretty darn sure i know when i ovulated. According to that, I"m now 6 days late and getting BFN, on both HPT and a blood test done 2 days ago. YET...I really do feel pregnant. With my dd, HPT didn't come back positive until 2 weeks past AF's scheduled arrival (and believe me, I"d taken plenty in between). BUT...I didn't have a blood test before I got a BFP on an HPT. So, I"m as confused as the rest of you. Please keep us posted what your outcome is!!! (so to answer your question crystal, yes I used an OPK, and no I still haven't gotten a BFP or AF). AUGGGHHH! kc


HEATHER - July 5

I actually was 2 weeks after scheduled AF, I dont know if its because im still b___stfeeding if that makes the hormone level lower? acording to calculations I am 7w3dpreg and I just got a BFP a week ago.


huddie - July 6

Hey ladies! I tested at 10 dpo, 14dpo, 16 dpo all negatives..I then got a blood test at 16 dpo Negative..I took another test on 21 dpo and it showed positive right away..i dont know why though?


kclarkadpi - July 6

Huddie, that only puts you a week late for AF. (still frustrating, but not as weird as going 2 or more weeks past).


kristine-- - August 7

let's start this thread back up!


CourtneyHope - August 7

I got mine exactly four weeks after my missed period!


evae777 - August 10

courtney, what were your symptoms? did you test for pregnancy up until the 4 weeks and it was all negative and then you finally got a positive? i'm curious because im 2 weeks late and they are all negative and i am almost sure i am pregnant since i have been through this before.


noona23 - August 10

hey i am 3 weeks pregnant i m getting a negative peepee test but my blood showed positive so iyts normal with some women try it again and good luck so as far as i have been reading its pretty normal with some women


kristine-- - August 10

wow, courtney! you have to tell us more! i'm currently 4 weeks later. last test was a week ago & was reeeeeaaaaally faintly positive, but i dont buy it bc i've gotten so many negatives.


vrainoire - October 20

hey i'm on cd 47 and got a BFN last week.i hope i get a bfp soon


Samra - August 7

Hey every1,this really give me hopes,as i am on cd 37of a regular 31-32 days cycle,i m always regular on my periods,i tested on cd 35 and got bfn, i ovulated on cd 22, going to test again this morning and i would b 5 days late now, hope to get bfp


Samra - August 8

Did the test this morning and got a BFN, i am now on cd 38, 6 days due now, will test again on sunday, and if not getting periods started till then, then i'll go for the blood test done



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