Did You Get Pregnant Really Fast

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Summer - November 6

I'm asking because I only hear the stories from/about couples that try for months, even years before conception. I just would like to know/hear from anyone out there that had an opposite experience.... just to hear the flip side. Thanks!!!


Alycia - November 6

Hi, Summer. I went off the Pill in early July after having been on it for eleven years (almost non-stop). I don't think I ovulated the first month, but I did the second month, and I got pregnant!! Some people really do get lucky like that. I hope you're one of them.


Alyssa - November 6

Summer - I went off of the patch at the end of July (was one it for a year and a half) and in August I found I was PG. On Sept. 4th I had a very early miscarriage. Then on Sept. 24th I found out I was PG again! I am now 8 weeks and 3 days. It happened pretty quick for me :)


Rachel - November 6

hello Summer, i had an early miscarriage in April, then in july i found out i was pregnant again, im due in April, so it was quick for me, good luck if your trying.


JK - November 7

I went off birth control in July and got pregnant in August - it was our second month of trying. I am due in May and almost 12 weeks. Good luck to you!


liz - November 7

fast is an understatement in my case. I got pregnant with my first on the friggin pill. Luckily I was married so it wasn't a huge deal. Then when my son was just three months old I got pregnant with my second. My doctor had told me that most women don't ovulate until there done b___st feeding. I geuss I'm not one of them. It seems like my body loves getting pregnant under extreme conditions. I have a five month old and I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I thank my licky stars everyday for my good fortune because I know it's not this easy for everyone.


Pepsi - November 7

Hi Summer, DH was in the military for the first five months of our marriage. He came home on Sept 3rd, on Nov. 4th I found out I was pg.


lou - November 7

I was on the pill for 15yrs nearly non-stop too!! Came off the pill end of july had one period after that then haven't had one since - yes I'm 12 weeks pregnant go for my first scan next week and we can't wait !!!!! I thought it would take alot longer aswell - so everyone's different - good luck xxxxx


Catherine - November 7

I just got off the pill on sept. 18, had period on sept. 22 and found out that I was pregnant at the end of October after ttc with DH. I was on the pill for 22 months and was on depo for 9 months before the pill. I feel blessed.


Trina - November 7

I went off the pill in may...tried for the first time in August and got pregnant! Hope its that easy when we plan to have more!


Tess - November 7

Ive been married for almost 4 yrs (next year) and after taking 2 mos of fertility pills........BAM! I got pregnant. It really depends on your cycle and whether or not your regular or irregular.


Shannon - November 7

I was on the pill for 4 years, then I went off and got my period then 2 weeks later I was pregnant! Now I am 12 weeks :)


Kim - November 7

Hi Summer: I got pregnant on our first attempt, sadly had a m/c two months later. On my third attempt after m/c I got pregnant again. So I'm now 6 weeks and 2 days. :-)


Hey! - November 7

Hi summer-I got pregnant the first month we decided to try. I had my son. Got pregnant again 11 months later but miscarried. Then we decided to have another one and we got pregnant in that month too-we don't seem to have any problems!!!! I am currently 10 weeks!!


mercedes - November 8

Hi Summer, believe it or not, I got pregnant the very first time we tried after deciding to go for it...I couldn't really believe it myself, as I was very slim at the time, I thought it would take ages to succeed...Now I think it was meant to be, needless to say, I'm sooo happy!!!


Tal - November 8

I got pregnant 4 times from the first try. First three were miscarriages, the fourth one is still an unknown. :)


Kaitlin - November 9

I took my last BCP in late May, had a period 1st of June,1st of July,1st of August,1st of September and conceived the middle of September. So,it took us 3 full cycles.The Dr aid if you don't get preggo the first month,excpect it to take a few months.Why,i don't know



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