Did You Have You An Intuition Of The Sex

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Leahp - February 7

Hello ladies, Just wondering if you had any motherly intuition to what you were having and if it was correct??? Just for fun!! I'm convinced I'm having a boy, so we'll see in April!!


jenn - February 7

I'd like to know that too. I feel like mine's a boy.


Beth - February 7

I myself don't, but other people tell me they are thinking it is a girl.


Lucky1 - February 7

I'm having a boy!!! Just my intuition, but I won't know for sure until the end of April or May some time!!!


Julie - February 7

I'm only 8 weeks and keep thinking its a boy, no idea why......strange isn't it?


Leahp - February 7

Yea! I'm only eight weeks as well, and I can't get out of my head that it is probably a boy, although I had a dream that I had a girl and my dreams have been right for some of my friends! I just want to see how accurate our intuition is!! I hope some previous preggo women write on this thread!!!


Penny - February 7

This is my 3rd, and the 1st one (who is now 12) I knew for sure if was a Boy, although my husband at the time wouldn't let me find out. The first outfit I bought was for Fathers day, and it was a boy’s outfit. The 2nd one, I had hoped for a girl, but when I had an U/S was told it was a boy. Still hoped but every time I would say anything about the possibilities of it being a girl, I got a huge kick.....WOW.......okay now for this time, I'll find out when it's time, but as much as I would like to have a girl........I have a feeling it will be a boy...Just my luck, when you want one thing you get the other!! But hey what ever happens was meant to be!! Oh by the way, the dreams are usually correct, I had a recent dream about a boy...........so we will see...


donna - February 8

when i was pregnant for some reason i knew it was going to be a girl...and guess what it came out a girl....i was sooo happy....but if i had a boy that would have been ok too.


Rachel - February 8

My mom told me that she had a dream about me when I was in her womb. She said it was clear that I was a girl and she even saw what I looked like. She said that I ended up looking like that! My husband's mom dreamt about him too. And she new she was having a boy. I haven't had any dreams about my baby yet. We'll have to see if it will happen to me too ;)


Candee - February 14

With my last pregnancy I swore I was having a boy - even after ultra sounds when the technician said it looked like a girl but could be hiding something... I still thought it was a boy. BUT I had a girl!!! This time around I don't care what I have as long as it is healthy but I keep imagining a girl - I think that is just because of experience and memories of my first born.


brooke - February 24

i kept dreaming it was a boy, although ultrasounds say its a girl, im due on the 1st of april lets hope the ultra sounds right!!! i have only purchused pink things!


J - February 24

I am 7 weeks and had a dream last night that I had a little girl.



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