Diet Pop Yes Or No

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Amy - September 7

I'm a huge pop drinker and have cut down to 1 can a day or sometimes every other day. Think that's ok? Anyone else a pop drinker?


karen - September 7

YES, I have had trouble cutting back too. I drink caffeine-free for the most part (I don't drink caffeine every day), but I'm worried about the aspartame in diet drinks. My doctor said not to worry about it, that it's fine, but I still think it can't be good. I would think one a day is not harmful.


Mary - September 7

My doc said if you cut back to one can a day it won't harm the baby. She said if you are drinking like six-packs everyday, that could. Hope this helps.


PJ - September 7

I am a die hard diet coke drinker - I had about 2 a day every day and my son is perfect...


Tamara - September 7

well the books say that the aspartame can be harmful, but there are lot of things that "can" be harmful, so use your discretion.


Amy - September 7

thanks for your input all! I'm a diet cherry coke fan and diet coke. I drank some when I was pregnant with my son and he's fine but it's the aspartame I was concerned about but I guess anything in moderation can't be too bad?? thanks again!


Cathy - September 8

If you are worried about the aspartame in regular diet soda's and don't want the sugar of a full on cola try Diet Rite. It is made with splenda and is also caffiene free. Doesn't taste to bad either. They have different varieties also, I know they make the diet cola and some other flavored ones too that I haven't tried. I use this when I really want a diet cola fix. I too have a hard time not having my diet soda. Good luck!


Leanna - September 10

Diet sugar substutues(apartame/sacchrine) are suppose to be the next biggest law suit cases next to tabbaco. Studies show it definitly causes cancer-but, just like cigarettes, not eveyone gets cancer from them. SO, I would say take your chances if it's worth it to you-for your baby and your own health.


what about regular sprite?? - September 10

I am not a big diet drink fan, but I do love my daily sprite. Its caffiene free, but I know the sugar cant be that great. has anyone heard anything about regular soda??



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