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Kim - March 23

Hi Ladies! I wanted to get some advice from you if I could.... I have my first appt. on Friday and I currently have two appt.'s scheduled. One is with my current ob/gyn who I planned to have my baby with. However, the hospital that he delivers at is no longer accepting my insurance. Beyond that, his office and nurse have been less than helpful and take at least a week to call back whenever I have called them over the past couple of years. And so I looked into hospitals in San Diego, an hour south of where I live, and decided on a women's hospital that is very well known (in fact, I think that the epidural originated there). Anyway, it's supposed to be just an amazing place to have a baby and offers amazing care. By coincidence, I met an ob/gyn through a Doctor I call in in my job that works out of the hospital. My other appt. is with this new Doctor. I found out today, however, that my original Doctor would be able to deliver my baby locally. My question is: Who do I go to? I was more comfortable in meeting this new Doctor and he seemed very caring. He also specializes in high risk and his office does more regular u/s, etc. The only issue is that he is an hour away, although I am in San Diego often and this wouldn't make it too tough to go to appt.'s. Would you stay with a Doctor where you are not comfortable with the nurse or go to a brand new one who seems to be great and delivers at a top of the line hospital yet is further away? I am not high risk as far as I know but I do have thyroid problems which need to be watched. I know I ultimately need to make this decision but I just thought I'd see some of your thoughts since I can't ask anyone yet since we haven't told anyone yet. Sorry so long - thanks for reading! And thanks for your thoughts....


Nix - March 24

Where would you feel most comfortable having your baby? Don't think too much about the doctors, from my experience the RN's do most of the work for you while your in labour, the doctor mainly delivers your baby (and the odd cervical check). So look at the choices in hospitals. Is one cleaner looking? Does one seem to have more/better staff? You seem to like both doctors, so maybe choosing the hospital that makes you feel more at home would be best. You may end up spending a long time there. Good luck on your choice, and don't stress out. Go to both a appointments and decide then.


Kim - March 24

Thanks, Nix. I think that I will try the Doctor in San Diego because I do feel that that hospital would be a better choice. It's a hard decision because I am new to CA and I am just learning about all of the options here. If tomorrow's appt. goes well, we will start to tell some people and I'll be able to get some additional thoughts from people like my neighbors who have had experience with both places.


brucen - March 24

You should also consider how long it takes your current doc to get back to you, what if you have some type of emergency or even a question. Waiting a week to find out the answers is gonna be incredibly difficult. You should be asking your doc how they feel about giving pain relief, epidurals, how many c sections s/he does, how many deliveries in a month, who will deliver if your doc is on vacation or whatever etc. Are the number of c sections they perform < or > than the average number of c-sections. To see if they will be compatible with you and your birth plan. I actually called all of the offices of drs who deliver at the hospital of my choice. I weeded out the ones who had c___ppy staff or long waits to see the doc and little time with the actual doc. You should go in fully prepared to INTERVIEW this person, you are entrusting them with the well being of you and your baby. I had a questionaire for the docs I did finally see. Although it was alot of work I ended up with a GREAT doc.


Kim - March 24

Thank you, brucen. Your advice was very helpful. I am pretty thorough and have gone through a lot of these questions already with the Doctor I plan to see tomorrow. You provided me with even more good questions, though. It's an important decision and I appreciate your help with some great advice.


vina - March 26

I have a dilemma choosing btw a resident (student DR) or a midwive ??


to vina - March 26

i would say go with the midwife. They are alot more skilled at being a labour coach than a student, if there were any complications they would recognize it faster and you will probably have a more enjoyable labour experience. I would however, allow the student doc to be present and a__sist your midwife so they may have more knowledge and experience in the future. Good luck in your decision, it's yours to make, so no matter what, you'll make the right one!


Brooke - March 27

Are you guys using a midwife or a doctor? Is one better than the other when it comes to providing care for you and delivering a baby?


Kim - March 27

I wrote the original message here and I am using a Doctor. I do not know a lot about midwives and don't believe that they are too common where I live. I have read that there are positives to both and I believe that there are quite a few people on these boards using a midwife. What is more common where you are?



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