Disappearance Of Nausea Early On

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Cassie - May 4

I'm 9wks right now and actually never threw up, but felt queasy a lot. For the past couple of days though, I have not really felt queasy at all. The icky-feeling stage is not supposed to be over yet, so I just wanted to know if this was normal.


Lynn - May 4

I kind of have the same thing. Mine started right at 6 weeks, peaked at about 8 weeks and then started to fad away beginning at nine week.. I am 10 weeks now & even b___st tenderness is not as intense as it was. From what I have found, in a :"normal" pregnancy, the symptoms peak around 8-10 weeks and then start to fad away. I still get that sick feelings every so often and I still have foods that don't taste good & stuff, but for the most part feeling mush better. I have also read that if all of your symptoms go away abruptly, then it could be cause for alarm. I mean, one day you a sick & sore bbs, then next day don't feel pg at all - that sort of thing.


Chris - May 4

Ca__sie - I'll be 10 weeks Friday. I've been up and down the entire time. No throwing up either... but some days I am so queasy I have to lay down and other days I don't feel a thing... I comes back.... don't worry.


Jo - May 4

I'm about 8 wks and about a week ago my nausea stopped. I wasnt physically sick ever but a bit queasy. Normal or no?


Ca__sie - May 4

Thanks for your answers. It makes me feel better that I'm not alone. I wouldn't say that it disappeared all of a sudden... I still have some symptoms, just not has severe. Thanks for your input.


Jena - May 4

I'm 9 weeks and from 6.5 - 8.5 I felt horrible... then when week 9 started I read in my "day-to-day" Pregnancy Journal that at week 9 many people start to feel better and get an appet_te. I realized that I had been feeling a lot better - so I think and hope it's completely normal! :)


Terry - May 5

Hi Ladies, I thought I was the only person feeling this way. I am 10 weeks prego and some days my b___st feel tender and other days they feel normal. I get worried that something is not going right. Just today, I started feeling a pulling in my belly b___ton. Not a pain just a little pinch. Do any of you know if this is normal? I would love to hear your thoughts. (-: Thanks Terry


Lynn - May 6

Yes, i started feeling that smae sensation at about 10 weeks... I am 10w3d now.. It was really weird the first time I felt it. I too was worried about the symptoms seeming to go away, but I had a quick sono yesterday & baby is doing fine! So now I am much more relieved & can actually enjoy those moments of no sickness & no sore b___bs!



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