Discharge Plz Help

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Carazayladay - May 7

Hey has anyone gotten like a dark yellowish discharge in early pregnancy? I'm around 8 or 9 weeks, and I been getting it for some time now! thanks to all who respond!


Carazayladay - May 7



babydreams - May 7

Hey there, yes, I have that too. I'm about 8.5 weeks now, too. I don't think it's anything to worry about. The only reason I noticed it was because I was having so much cervical fluid discharge that I had to start wearing a panty liner, and then I noticed the color. Probably nothing to worry about thoug, unless it's bloody discharge.


dezzydoo18 - May 7

i also get that but i am only 7 weeks but it is horrible and i hate it! it makes me feel gross so i am taking like two to three showers sometimes more if i am off of work that day! LOL! when is it suppose to stop do u know babydreams?


emilymalm - May 8

I've had some of that the entire time. At my first prenatal exam at 13 weeks, I had the doc check me for a yeast infection and bv and both came back negative. I'm 17 wks and still get it here and there. If you're not itching or smelling a foul odor, you're probably just fine. Bad news is that discharge is supposed to increase as you get further along.


Carazayladay - May 8

Oh hey one more thing to help me out with plz. I feel all wet today like I am like leaking some kind of discharge but when I went to the bathroom there was nothing there unless it was clear but I don't know, has anyone else gotten this?? The feeling is weirding me out! Anything insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks to all who respond!!!


Kira_lynn - May 8

Yeah Carazayladay, i have that feeling too. Im 8w tomorrow and sometimes i run for the bathroom thinking that im leaking. And i dont see anything, sometimes its clear. I also have that yellowish discharge, i thought it had something to do all the chemicals surging through our bodies.


Lilu - May 8

I have this as well ladies. I had a yeast infection at like 6 weeks. And I thought it was a continuationof that but it's not. I'm glad im not the only one. I wonder why? Has anyone asked their doc yet? I have another appt on 5/18.



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