Discomfort In Sleeping During 1st Trimester

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aayyeennaa - April 14

Hi! I'm still in early stage of my pregnancy maybe 5-8 weeks but i'm having discomfort sleeping lying on my back or sideways every once in a while I need to change position having terrible back pain. Very different on my first pregnancy which i dont have any discomfort in sleeping til the 7th month of my pregnancy. Thus anyone have this on your first trimester?


mslinda - April 15

I have the same problem, can't stay in same position for more than a minute, tossing and turning around all night, using 4 pillows to position myself, but haven't find a comfortable position. I find light message helpful before going to bed, give it a try!!


mrsherzog - April 15

i too am having a hell of a time sleeping. I'm seven and a half weeks and feel like i'm awake all night long and can't get comfortable. sure don't remember that from my other two pregnancies


Newbie - April 15

Hi Ladies! Sounds like we are all due in Dec. or close to it? Am I right on this one? I am having trouble sleeping as well. I feel like I can't be on my stomach--I just feel too full. (OKAY--brace yourself for a good laugh on the next one.) I'm afraid that if I just sleep on one side all the time--what if the baby comes loose from the uterus because I am laying too long on one side and it just can't hang on. HA HA HA--I just went back and re-read that sentence and it sounds so goofy. But again, this whole pregnancy thing is so new to me--I think I have every right to think funny thoughts at this point. I have read to purchase a pregnancy pillow early on. What do you guys think?


kalokairi - April 15

5-8 weeks? have you not been to see your dr yet? perhaps this is something you should discuss with him/her to be sure everything is going as it should.


aayyeennaa - April 16

..kalokairi yes i havent get any check up yet were in malaysia and we will be coming home this sunday and first thing on my list is to see my OB right away. So far sleeping is my problem and as of now everything is fine no bleeding at all.


jenniferjo - April 16

I had those same probs with my dd. Couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfy etc. The not sleeping has stayed with me for 2 years now. I'm almost 6 wks and have the 'full' feeling while laying on my tummy. I deal with it because that is how I like to sleep mostly. On my side I feel as if my tummy 'slides' toward the bed and I can't stand that feeling much. The good thing for me tho is that I can sleep this time. I'm tired constantly, but its nice to only lie in bed for about 15 minutes before falling asleep. Before it was usually at least an hour, sometimes up to 3-4 hours and I would only get 4 hours sleep sometimes.


kalokairi - April 17

malaysia WOW i havent even been out of the US lol....actually yeah ive been to canada but that hardly counts. i hope you were there for vacation & not work :) hopefully you start sleeping better soon!congratulations on your bfp and have a very happy and healthy 9 months!!


aayyeennaa - April 23

thanks kalokairi my son and i are home at last and just visit my OB and had trans V I'm 9 weeks pregnant and healthy little angel even though I have been less caring for the past two months now I'm home I will give my little angle all the care w/ the help of my OB :) . my dh is based in Malaysia so we're almost like living there :) back pain already subside but with a 11 month crawling around sure you'll have some back aches hehehehe


toriemae17 - April 25

I'm 8 weeks. Due date is Dec. 7th and I can NOT sleep at all.. I either got bad gas or something. LoL. I either put a pillow half under my stomach and lay on my left side or I sleep sitting up in the corner. I know, I'm weird. But that's how I get sleep at night. :-D


aayyeennaa - April 30

toriemae... try to snug many pillows as soft as possible between your legs and underneath your tummy try to change position as you could to it wouldn't strain your back :)


HeatherIsHopeful - May 1

lol get used to it... it doesn't get better... Im a month away from my due date and I cant get a good nights sleep to save my life. when I was in my first tri I slept on my stomach, it was the only comfortable position for me... if it works for you then do it its safe to sleep in almost any position at this point because the baby is still small and protected by all the fluid and such. I hope you have better luck than I did lol.


Kerri327 - May 7

I am in my 3rd pregnancy after 2 m/c in last year. I am 8 weeks pregnant with 1st ultrasound tomorrow and hoping for heartbeat. I have been peeing about 4 times per night with horrible sleep. Last night I had a dream that I was peeing on a toilet and woke up to find I was actually peeing in my bed. I searched this phenomena on google and found nothing. Has anyone else experienced something so embarra__sing?


PeachOz - May 5

Hi guys, I've just joined and am 8.5 weeks with my second child. Due date 12  Dec (which eerily is my son's 3rd birthday!). Also feeling really uncomfortable sleeping in any position! Where are you guys from? I am in Western Australia. 



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