Do HCG Levels Have To Double

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Missy - November 19

Hi, Im 8 weeks Pregnant *6 weeks past conception* The Doctor found my yolk sac and fetal pole 5 days ago, My question is, Do HCG Levels Have to double?? Or is it ok if they just increase. For Example Some of my earlier HCG Levels went from 2038 to 3130 in 48 hours, and then 3 days later went to 4900 Please help Im really scared. Thanks :0)


Amy - November 20

Great question Im wondering the same thing, If anyone out there could please help us out. Thanks God Bless


eyebeeablessing2u - November 20

I was 7 weeks on thursday and mine was 85576... they thought I was having more than one baby... I am just ahigh producing hormone women LOL everyone is different... as long as they see a heart beat everything shoudl be OK we are all different.... keep happy thoughts...


Missy - November 23

I guess I answered my own question, I had a D & C Nov. 22 Due to the baby not growing and lost heartbeat. Good luck to all with their pregnancies.


Kristine - December 16

I am going through the same thing. When I had one of my blood test last week, I had talked to a lady who told me that both her pregnancies were like that. They were slow rising, and she said she has 2 perfect children. I am going through the same thing right now. I guess to look at it the best is that if it is still rising and the baby is still there, it is positive. Good Luck Everyone!!!


Michele - December 20

I am also going through the same thing. (See my post from today). I would love to hear from anyone else going through this. Missy, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I wish you the best.


dixie - January 21

I am also going through the same thing right now--3 weeks past conception and very slow rising levels--they haven't doubled yet--now at 451--god bless B


Michele - January 21

My story didn't have a happy ending this time, but I wish the very best for you. I do know women who have had healthy pregnancies with HCG levels that didn't consistently double every 2 days. I think at this point (8 weeks), the ultrasound is much more telling than the HCG levels. Take care of yourself, and I wish you all the best.


Jo - January 21

I am supposed to be 7 weeks preg, but my u/s says 5 weeks. on 1/19 my hcg was 2251, today they were only 2300 and someodd number, only rising about 100 points. if it was really a 5 week baby, i wouldve ovulated on 12-21, but i had a pos preg test on the 26th. thats not enuff time to get a pos on a home test. so im in limbo also.



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