Do I Have To Avoid Ice Cream

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Tiffanie - November 6

Someone once told me they couldn't eat ice-cream during hte first 3 months because it contained egg yolks. Is this true? I've had a nibble or two over hte past few weeks. Is this cause for alarm?


Alycia - November 6

All commercial ice cream is completely safe, as it is pasteurized. However, there are plenty of recipes for homemade ice cream that are safe as well. My recipe contains eggs, but they're cooked into a custard with milk and sugar before freezing, so it's also safe. Don't worry!


Rebecca - November 7

I have heard you are not allowed to eat the soft whippy ice creams though ... not sure how true that is ... ie mcdonalds and those mr whippys from ice cream vans


Alycia - November 7

Not sure about the vans, but the ice cream at fast food establishments is just fine. It comes as a refrigerated liquid in a milk-carton type thing or a bag, and it's pasteurized. My first job was at Dairy Queen, so I know!


Tess - November 7

Hmmmm this is the 1st time Ive heard about this....My Dr. I have to stay away from sweets. Eventhough I'd love to eat ice cream right now.....I can't! waaaaaaaaaa


marlene - November 9

ice cream has helped many a pregnant woman - the calcium is great and the only problem is if you are at risk of gestational diabetes or otherwise need to watch your fat or sugar.


Jenn - November 10

you are not supposed to eat soft serve ice cream because of the machines it comes out of. Any other pasturised ice cream is fine. In fact, i'm 20 weeks and my Dr. put me on a diet where i have to eat ice cream as often as possible, to help me gain weight (i lost alot due to morning sickness).


Mary - November 11

I do not think I could go 9 or so months without any ice cream! Ben and Jerry have become good friends of mine. A spoonful or two a day is really enjoyable. Then it has to go away because those cartons are easy to eat in one sitting!



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