Do I Need More Than 1 Baby Shower

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flipthea - January 28

My sis is planning a shower for me. However she and my Mother in law are at odds bec. the inlaw wants a shower where we're from(Michigan). She said "how can her friends be there?" I personally don't feel like travelling 8 hrs to Michigan for a 2nd shower! Pls give me some advice ---am I being selfish for not wanting to travel? Mind u I travel 95% in my current job right now and I just feel so exhausted.


jodie - January 28

I say go for it!! Not to sound greedy but the more the better!! LOL! I had 3 babyshowers with my Ds (family one, work one, and friend one) and it was a lot of fun being spoiled!! You will get lots of fun stuff!!


Tammy276 - January 28

If you don't want to travel for the baby shower, then tell them you don't want to travel.....My family is the same way. All of my in-laws were invited to my baby shower and non of them responded...then three weeks later, they wanted to throw one for me that I was supposed to travel 5 hours for...NO THANKS!!! And this is when I was 8 months pregnant. Sorry but I don't feel like traveling that far when I am about to have my baby anyday. Just tell them you don't feel the need for 2 baby showers and that they are invited to the one your sis is throwing and if they don't want to come, then they are just going to miss out on it. There is no reason why you should travel if you don't want to, especially if you are traveling for your job all the time.


hapistuff - January 28

I agree with Tammy. You are the one who is pregnant. Why can't they carpool and go to your sister shower? Be honest and say to them that you are much too tired to go to Michigan and suggest they put their differences aside and make the trip for you. GL


erinsoul - January 28

I had 3 showers too. But I only had to travel 2 hrs for the one. I think you should let them know you're not up for traveling, but I do think it is unrealistic of you to expect them to travel just to be a guest..I would just send them all invitations to your sister's and if they want to send you something, their presents can be shipped to you. I wouldn't stress over it. Tell her it's nothing personal, it's just geography.


flipthea - January 29

Thank y'all for the responses. We'll see how it goes, but I hate to travel 8 hrs for another baby shower just so my Mother in law's friends can come. My sis will invite all my mother in law's friends and family but it's up to them if they want to come or not. It's not fair that my husband and I are always the one going to Michigan.



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