Do Small Boobs Hurt Less

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anamariaflorencia - January 25

Hi everyone. Funny question I know...but I have smaller than A-cup br___ts and they really haven't bothered me at all so far (I'm 10 w 2 d). They have gotten fuller (yippeee) and I feel little twinges now and then, but they haven't hurt or gotten sore. What is your experience? Do you have big ones, do they hurt a lot? Do you have small ones, do they not really hurt? I wonder if it's a trend or just random. Thanks for humoring me as I wait to enter the second trimester board. :)


mjvdec01 - January 25

I am typically an A cup also. With my first pregnancy it early on felt like someone had torm the skin off my b___sts and was trying to rip the b___st tissue off my chest. It was awful! I had to sleep in a sports bra and hold them to go down the stairs. One day my hubby accidentally bumped in to me and it put me in tears. This pregnancy, however, it really hasn't been that bad. They get tender at times, but nothing like with my first. It really is true that every pregnancy is different. I also think that with my first everything got stretched out and that has something to do with having less discomfort this time. Just wait for engorgement... that hurts for everyone!


Saird - January 25

I have A as well, and they have never hurt, even after I have the babies and was nursing. NEVER hurt.


AmBam - January 25

I have small ones too (but they do actually fill up my bra now!! Yipee!!) and the only time they hurt is when they are touched on the sides. The sides hurt pretty bad, but the rest of the b___st is fine.


Jill.T. - January 26

I'm pretty small too and mine are killing me. Thay have definitley gotten bigger, but they hurt alot


Gemini_Girl - January 26

Hey I have big ones DD cup and they didnt hurt until into the 2nd tri when they started to become a little uncomfortable for a while but that pa__sed!


anamariaflorencia - January 26

Thanks for all the responses ladies! I guess every pregnancy is just different like mjv said. I get the daily pregnancy emails sent to me from what to expect and they keep saying I would probably need a new bra by to TWO cups larger. Wow. I still fit my bras but like ambam I actually fill them now! I wonder if it's true that after it's all said and done, nursing...that they get even smaller than before. Sure hope not.


austynsmommy - January 27

They will get bigger after you have your baby. I was an A cup when I had my daughter. After I had her I was a 36 C then I went to a B


aliciavr6 - January 28

My baby is 7.5 months old now, but I know that's the first thing that told me I was pregnant at 5w along... my b___bs hurt and they are tiny too. :) Just wait til after you give birth, you will go home and they will be HUGE.


aliciavr6 - January 28

BTW - I couldn't even sleep without a bra on, they hurt that badly. Went away in 2nd tri sometime.



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