Do Ur Cramps Feel Like This

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cherryrosebud13 - January 21

I accidentily put this in the signs of pregnancy forum!! I am newly pregnant and I been having what it feels to be like period cramps but alot less painful, i'd say bareable but noticeable.. Anyone else have these cramps? and I was sitting down looking at something on the internet and I got up and then all the sudden I got these sudden quick sharp pinchy pains in my lower abdomen... Was this normal..? They only lasted for like 5 seconds. I get these pinchy pains once in a while also but not sudden.. Is that normal too? That sitting down thing happened yeterday. Well today I sneezed and i felt this cramp that didn't really hurt but it was a cramp, and it only lasted the time my sneeze did which was just a second or so. This normal? This is my first child and it's late at night so I figured I would just get some insight from you lovely ppl. Thank you.


imamommy - January 21

cherry---I have mild cramps in my lower abdomen also. They aren't bad, just noticeable. I went for my 1st ultrasound Friday and the nurse and doctor told me that I would feel mild cramping. They said it is normal. They told me that if I was in question about it being ok, just call and ask them. The nurse said if they become them immediately. Now that I have seen the ultrasound, I can deal with the cramps a little better. When do you go to the doctor?


mommysneedlove2 - January 21

Well Hello ladies, I too also get these I have found and heard that if no blood is compained then we are fine. That its just our bodies that are adjusting. I am 6weeks on 1/22 and my doctor appointment is tues. I have a son already but I don't remeber feeling this way. I am sure it is all ok. When I did call the docto


ginger6363 - January 22

My nurse said if you experience a sharp pain/cramp after sitting or laying a certain way it is probably just round liagment stretching and there is nothing to be concerned about. As long as there is not excruiating pain or bleeding you should be just fine. GL!



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