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vix - March 15

I am 13 weeks and had my first u/s which I think I am going to have a boy. I dont want to believe I am because we tried the dr shettle method for a girl, so I then rand three different clairavoiants, they all told me I was going to have a girl. What do you gals think?


KP - March 16

Hi Vix, I am not sure what to say but some time u/s is wrong too. If you think that then go for u/s again and they will tell you for sure.


Misty - March 16

I'm just wondering, what about your ultrasound made you think you were going to have a boy? Most of the time doctors can't tell what s_x the baby is before 20 weeks. Good luck on getting a girl, even if you don't though, it is still a blessing. Try to be happy either way. I wish you luck though.


to misty - March 16

I think I saw something between the legs. My other u/s for my 2nd boy I could see the s_x so thats why I think it might be a boy. I know I will get over it eventually, but after having three boys, and desparately wanting a girl, it hurts a little.


Lucy - March 27

You can't change it, whatever it is, right?


JK - March 27

I think you should just be thankful you CAN have children. Some women have been trying more than 5 years without success.


to:to misty - March 27

you are a little hurt that you may have a boy? well how hurt do you think i and many others are that are still ttc? dont be so d__n selfish!


Misty - March 27

Good grief ladies. I am sure that she is still gratefull to be pregnant. That doesn't stop you from wanting things from your pregnancy though. Like for your child to be smart, or for your child to have all their fingers and toes, or to not get stretch marks. Yes it is still worth it and she never said that she didn't think having a boy was worth it..just that she really wanted a girl. There is nothing wrong with that. In my case I have always wanted twins, that doesn't mean I am not still going to be happy when I find out that I probably don't. Nothing wrong with dreaming. When you aren't pregnant you dream about being pregnant..when you are pregnant you dream about the things you wasnt from the pregnancy..try to cut her a little slack. Wanting a girl doesn't make her a bad person.


to misty - March 28

she said it hurts a little that shes could have a boy,she shouldnt be hurt by that....................!!


Nix - March 28

I was told they don't like to check the s_x of the baby until after 17 or 18 weeks because the genitalia is usually swollen and makes it very hard to differenciate between boys and girls, so there's a possiblility they were wrong. Either way, i'm sure you will have a beautiful healthy baby, no matter what s_x it is.


Misty - March 28

I understand what she said, the difference is I know that she simply wants a girl very badly, that didn't stop her from wanting kids though or she wouldn't be pregnant now. It is kind of like if you win the lotto, then you find out 18 other people also won so now you aren't getting the whole jackpot (which was what you would prefer) but that doesn't stop you from still being happy that you won something. Yes, she wants a girl more then she wants a boy and it will be dissapointing to her if she finds out that she isn't having a girl. Maybe that is a little selfish to prefer a certain thing, but most of us do, that doesn't mean she isn't going to still love her child. I just don't see why it is so horrible to prefer one thing over the other, I would want a girl also if I had two boys already. Is it bad of a father that has two girls to want a boy? Why is there always a double standard for women?


vix - April 1

To everyone, Why have some of you taken this so wrong. I have three healthy boys, I m/c last year and now I am happy and grateful to be pregnant. Why is it so bad to just like to balance my family.I didnt say i regret it , or that im mad or anything bad becasue i know what its like to try to fall pregnant month after month let alone year after year. I didnt mean to offend anyone, I was just thinking out load. I dont have a sister to talk to so i thought i woukd try the net. Well sorry again.Yes I would love this baby even if it is a boy and so would my boys. You dont know how someone feels until you are in the same position.


Angie - April 1

Vix I understand what you are saying. I had a miscarriage in Feb of last year and found out again I was pregnant this month. I already have a boy and a girl and I couldnt help but want another boy. There isnt anything wrong with wanting a girl instead of a boy. Dont let anyone make you feel bad because you would prefer a girl over a boy. I have again miscarried and I'm devistated that I couldnt carry another baby. I wanted a boy but would have loved a girl just as much. You cant help it that you have a preference and please dont let anyone make you feel like a bad person because you did. Good luck and hope you have the little girl that you want.


Penny - April 1

I agree there's NOTHING wrong with wanting a girl or a boy, but when it comes right down to it all you really wish for is a happy healthy baby. I have two boys, and with my 2nd one I hoped he was a girl, well, it was dissapointing for a few seconds, then I realized how much fun the two boys would have. Now with this 3rd one I really do want a girl, and I'm not going to hide that. But still no matter what I will be greatful, God only gives you what you can handle and what happens happens and it was meant to be. All the girls around me who are pregnant are having girls, will I be the one to have the boy? :) you can wish for a million dollars, but do we get that? No, but there's nothing wrong with wishing :)


To Vix - April 1

I saw those discover channel presentations of all the stages of a fetus and the genitalia looks the same for boys and girls at that stage, they both show something between their legs, later on it turns into a c___toris or a p___s ... but that early on is only a protuding thingie - so do not interpret the us yet :) GL and have faith :)


Penny - April 1

I have an Gender US scheduled for the 22nd of April, and called to see if I could get moved up a week (at 15 weeks) and she said that was cutting it pretty close to tell the s_x, so I left it at the 16th week mark. Maybe that helps a little :)


vix - April 1

Thanks guys, you have brought tears to my eyes for your understanding.



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