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tk07 - February 20

hi, i was just curious if you all don't feel pregnant sometimes. i just don't feel it. i have had barely any symptoms for 2 weeks (i had a scan last week and everything was fine) is this ok? my Dr is going to get tired of me calling them! every once in a while i will have a pain or cramp or food aversion but that is it. i get so worried!


slackette - February 20

How many weeks are you tk07? I am almost 16 weeks and I haven't felt pregnant for several weeks now. I stopped having m/s around 10 weeks and I am no longer tired and bloated. I have a fetal doppler so that is the only thing that puts my mind at ease that I am still pregnant and things are going well. So I have decided to just enjoy feeling normal again b/c I know in the third tri, I will be feeling pregnant and a half!


tk07 - February 21

hi, i am only 9 weeks. i had an u/s last week and the hb was at 171 bpm and the size and everything were good. i wish i could go to the Dr every week just to make sure! i would be much more laid back about it if i were almost into the 2nd tri.


debbie80 - February 21

I am almost 13 weeks prego and there were many times when I did not feel prego at all. I had really bad m/s up until about 9 weeks or so then it stopped. Then last snuck up on me again!! Remember that you do not always have to feel prego every single day.....two of my friends didnt know they were pregnant until one was 3 months and the other was 5 months! It was crazy!! Keep positve thoughts..things will be fine =)


Belief - February 21

Hello! I'm 5 weeks. after m/c three months ago I'm a bit nervous about making it through the first trimester. I feel absolutely nothing except a bit of queasiness after or before I eat. I have a few pains in my abdomin, but nothing esle. The first time I had every symptom in the book. I need some rea__surance out there though. I had a horrible dream last night (check the m/c forum for dreams to see why), and woke up panicking. I'm not tired or over exhausted. I go to bed around 9 or 10 and have been waking up around 5 or 6, sometimes 2 or 3. Don't understand why? My husband feels very confident with this one and says that everything is okay. I trust in Him and my husbands intuition, but not feeling every symptom makes me nervous.


tk07 - February 21

thanks debbie, i know i don't have to have symptoms but i would feel better if i did! sometimes i feel a little sick but then i wonder if it is my mind playing tricks on me! belief, i had a m/c last april and that is why i am so nervous this time. i just want this to go well so bad. i didn't start feeling sick until about 6 weeks then it stopped about 7 weeks, with just about everything else! but like i said i had scans done and so far everything is ok... i hope it stays that way. but not everyone has symptoms like debbie said. i wonder if you aren't sleeping good because you are nervous? i do that all the time. either can't fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. good luck!!


slackette - February 21

I was a nervous wreck the for the entire first trimester. I would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes to pee and sometimes for no reason. Either way I would stay awake for an hour or more with stress. I would HIGHLY recommend to all you ladies to invest in a fetal doppler (either rent or buy). You can rent one for about 20-40 dollars a month or you can buy one for about $115 ( - hi bistos - hi bebe brand). I bought that one and I LOVE it. I was able to hear the baby at 10 weeks and I listen everynight now. It really has taken the stress completely out of this pregnancy especially since I really don't feel pregnant. Good luck ladies!!


tk07 - February 21

thanks slackette! i want to get a doppler but my dh is not wanting to at all. he said that it is a waste. but my thought is that it would rea__sure me so i am not wanting to go to the Dr every week! i should just ignore him and buy it! i will be 10 weeks next week so i should be able to hear th HB by the time it gets here!


akmomma - February 22

Be careful with doppler! The babys heart is so very small at this point, so you really have to know where to point it! If yoiur off by even 1/2 inch or so, you may not hear anything, and this could send you into a panic! Really, they are a wast of time, I think!


tk07 - February 22

it really could send me into a panic too! i don't think i am going to get one. i am going to call either tomorrow or monday though and ask about some cramps/pains that i am pretty sure are normal and hopefully they say i can come in... i am such a weirdo!!


slackette - February 22

I completely disagree about the doppler being a waste, I think it was the best hundred bucks I ever spent. It is true that at 10-12 weeks the baby is really low in your pelvis, and it is more difficult (but not impossible) to get a read but after 12 weeks its a piece of cake. It takes me no longer than 30 seconds to find the hb everynight. It is also a strong bonding experience between me, DH, and the baby. I love listening to the baby move all around my abdomen. I think I have a little acrobat! If you do get one, just bring it to your next Dr. visit and they can show you how to properly find the hb so you don't go into a panic if you don't get it on the first few tries. Good luck!


tk07 - February 23

i still have time to think about it. maybe i will just wait until about 12 weeks so i don't freak out if i can't find it at 10 weeks! that makes more sense anyways. i keep getting such mixed feedback about them!



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